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Jason Mar 10
Defense and apprehension keeps me
Should i mention this immense, ascending feeling reaping me?
The reeling out of sight
bright, shining at the sight if you.
You shine for me
You shine on me
I'd be hardly known, uneasily and seemingly roam, not free form from room to room, in and out an unavoidable
unavailable vacancy of gloom.
In bloom, my flowering budless, aweless, awfully lawful, peer-free, though id cease to be not flawless.
I want nothing more than this.
God i want you
I need you to feel what i have when i see you see me feeling you. I love you.
Jason Mar 10
This is a ******
Surely worth the wreath of carnage
Dreams seemingly obscene and undying, my mind winding
whines that sigh without crying
Incessantly dropping my mood anymore on its headache
Taking whats precious
Tainting my wonderful
Please me,
tell me what's good.
Jason Mar 10
Does my life lie within the sighs of limelit crying?
Stained forever, its dim, outshined, most importantly, not shining.
Dying by the poorest of timing,
it seems strange of me.
Not to mention that chirping
Word murdering phrases curdling
and unsuddenly curling nails back, furling the unfurled.
It's not working.
Jason Mar 10
My mister,
Through bliss and hurt don't we miss her?
Her hair- silky mist
Her eyes- dreary mission wishes
her tears, it seemed, had fallen before the march,
before this hardship.
You carried that torch forever
No one cared but her.
And now such is blurred earth
Until you've become snuffed, wouldn't you be glad to be set fire to?
Starry eyes agaze to a blaze of new desire too
Much higher
High enough.

— The End —