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Eve Marinier Nov 2020
It's not you, it's me,
I need a break, to be free,
Kindly leave me be.
A Haiku to Covid. Kindly get the **** out of our lives.
Eve Marinier Mar 2020
We tend to forget
that sometimes the goal
isn't the end
we've been chasing.

We all chase happiness.
Running farther,
Leaving things behind,
Sacrificing so much.

We never realize
how far we've gone until
we look back and see
everything we missed.

So, by all means, chase.
But look around,
you'll find you're closer
to what really matters.
Eve Marinier Mar 2020
I think you're gorgeous,
It's my secret. I'll let you
in on it one day.
Haiku for that special someone.
Eve Marinier Nov 2019
Love's Blossom
Love is a flower petal,
Twisting through the sky.
Decided never to settle,
It continues to fly.

When it does still, the petal wanes,
Promises are made, broken, renewed,
Passion fades yet the petal remains,
Misplaced in time, rarely viewed,

The river flows on,
carrying away dust
revealing in the dawn,
a petal shivering in the gust,

Without fear nor a care
reveling in the blue expanse,
Gently caressing the air
It joins it in its dance.
Eve Marinier Oct 2019
I tap my notes with the tip of my black pen
Before I dare to look... then I look again.
I endure for another ten,
****... I just can't resist
And another cookie ceases to exist.
Hey, at least now it can't disrupt my zen!
  Oct 2019 Eve Marinier
how to have a good
haiku: make sure you do not
run out of sylla-

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