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 Mar 2015 InLove000
 Mar 2015 InLove000
Inside me
While you grew and grew
I never knew
Your heart was broken
And that there was one
Where there should’ve been two.

After you were born
The doctor explained
Your lungs wouldn’t last
You were breathing too fast
And growing too slow
Your blood flow was mixed
And you had to be fixed.

So right from the start
Your heart wasn’t whole
But your soul
Was a universe
And your eyes
Were comprised
Of millions of galaxies.
Your body was strong
And your cry was a song.

I named you beloved
And through you, I discovered
For the very first time
I was whole.

Please always remember
You are far more beautiful
Than broken
You are my ultimate inspiration
And I’ll always consider you
My most perfect creation.
I wrote this for my 6-month-old baby when she was having heart repair surgery done to fix a serious congenital heart defect (truncus arteriosus). She survived the operation, and spent a month in hospital to recover. Six months later, however, she got broncho-pneumonia and the added stress on her heart caused her to go into cardiac arrest & she passed away.
 Feb 2015 InLove000
At seven bells came seven knells,
Something was wrong

Seven short blasts and one long,
A mermaid song

Their shrill voices sang, you belong
You belong to the sea

Come swim with us, let us bring
Let us bring you below

At seven bells came seven knells
And the ship was aglow


At seven bells came seven hells,
Each worse than the last

Flames spread fast like fear and dread,
At each short blast

Slippery shoes began to slide,
As the deck listed port-side

Lifeboats tumbled over the brink
And were lost into the drink

At seven bells came seven hells
And the ship began to sink


At eight bells, the mournful knells
Had ceased to be

The ship was gone beneath the waves,
Taken by the sea

How calm the night, how still the wind,
How silent was the sea

Beneath the waves, a watery grave
And sunken ship debris

At eight bells, the mournful knells,
They tolled for me
 Apr 2014 InLove000
Sean Banks
“Listen here kid, have a seat.
Let me tell you about
The family.”*

You can choose your friends
But you can’t choose
Your family….

…and apparently you can’t choose
your career either.

This is dedicated to
my brother in crime
The younger brother
With stronger
Morals and values
Than mine.

The family is broken,
And your older brother is broke
And in the eyes of a distant father
You know we are both jokes

We are not prodigies
We are not straight A students
We are small town oddities
And some would say we are ruined

We were born into this life.
We were born into financial comfort
Bathed in upper middle class stability
Taught racism is acceptable as long
As we keep it to ourselves, and laugh
As if we are not serious.

We learned that as we grow up, dreams become schemes

We were raised believing we would succeed.
And success is defined by money.

The monetary system is god.
I will be the doctor
You will be the lawyer
And because the system isn’t flawed
We are.

Money is not good, money is god.
I’ve spent a lot of god on beer.

So when we watch our bloodline bicker
Like bad kids in sandboxes,
When we watch adults undermine
Each other’s “parenting skills”

You did not chose this
You were born into this.

And as the age old argument
Of genetic versus environment
Rages on like arguments
Over furniture and kitchenware
Remind yourself
It’s not an argument.
Its your environment.

Today my little brother’s heart was broken
And his dreams were shattered like a
Malicious marriage
Divorced, and separated,
By god.

My little brother will not be an RCMP officer
And if he doesn’t know it yet,
This is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Just because your eyes aren’t apparently good enough
They have never stopped you from seeing right from wrong
They are wrong.
You are more then alright.

Cops are more crooked than the criminals they can’t catch
So whatever you do, don’t catch flack
For not having a backup plan
You turn 17 tomorrow, man…
Be one.
For a kid can be anything.

You can race san dunes in the desert.
You can rebuild muscle cars and motorbikes.
You can make unique one of a kind furniture.
You can open a restaurant, even a bar.
You can be the next big sensation in Country music, or rap.
Or both.
You will live. You will smile
And you will make other do the same.

Brother, we can do anything.
Hell, when our parents die,
Miserable and alone,
We will inherit their throne
all of their god.

And we can take their god,
Design ourselves some superhero outfits
Break laws in order to fix them
We can grow and sell dope by donation
And make the difference
That neither our parents
Or the police
Are able to do.

I’m proud to share blood with you.
We are superheroes.
We are gods.
We are brothers in crime.
I woke up today,
Wanting to cry,
If only I could get her back,
My subconcious mind cant help but try,
and dream of ways to make my dream come true,

But every time it happens, I wake up wanting to die,
I'll never get her back, I know,
It wouldn't work even if I did,
I guess that is the ultimate sign of failure,
Abandoning the love of your life,
Every time you wake up.
Who is he or she in our lives.
It could be your mother or father
who we know they are
sometimes right or.
It could be the people we talk to
everyday. You may think he is
hansom or she is beautiful as a
rose and she could be
your one true love.
So many men, women,
boys, and girls.
We want to hug them, kiss them,
say, I love you, try to
make them feel better, and say,
I really care about you. But,
when it comes to loving men,
women, boys, and girls.
Theirs always that
space to love in each other.
 Jun 2013 InLove000
I don't like me with her
She is amazing
I am jealous
She inspires
I conspire
She evolves
I dissipate
I like her
She likes me
I don't like me with her
 Jun 2013 InLove000
Daniel Magner
I don't know if I can take the pressure
that everyone's pushing on me,
But I don't think that I could stand the weather
drowning in the deep dark see.
Would you believe me
if I said I searched for you
all night
Would you even see me or
just turn out the lights,
you make me feel like
the soundtrack to a stupid love film
full of emotion but not quite there
Heard in the background to fill up
space and if you really listen
you just might find a favorite song
but to this day I haven't heard you
singing along.
© Daniel Magner 2013
 Jun 2013 InLove000
He writes poems for me
I write poems for him

He sings songs for me
I sing songs for him

He plays guitar for me
I play guitar for him

He gets drenched in the rain for me
I get drenched in the rain for him

He claps for me
I clap for him

He breathes for me
I breathe for him

He lives for me
I live for him

*He loves me
I love him
It's not enough to say that we are made for each other...........
This is the way... we live for each other

— The End —