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InLove000 Mar 2019
The day our eyes spoke was the day I questioned everything I ever had.
That beautiful moment,
I lost track of time
I lost myself looking at you
I felt joy, peace and a sense of being back home
I felt love that I didn't know existed in me
For the first time, I felt absolutely complete
I fell in love with your blue eyes looking back at mine, shining bright with so much love.
I felt strange things inside my body, from my stomach levelling up to my chest and getting outside my eyes.
As I watched you slowly trying to look away then turning back to look at me more clearly
I guess you saw the stars in my eyes.
November 6th 2018
InLove000 Feb 2016
Loneliness , sadness and tears
things that cannot be explained
are deep inside my heart
since the day you left
I still can't believe
I cannot imagine that I will never be able
to talk or see you again
rest in peace
InLove000 Feb 2016
I feel dead
deep inside
I am broken
so many holes
too much pain
since the day you passed
I feel the same
InLove000 Jan 2016
I miss the person who believed in me
who encouraged me
who was there for me when nobody was
who made me feel safe and loved
who taught me everything in life
Mom, you are in my heart deep inside forever <3
InLove000 Jan 2016
I miss you
without you
life has no meaning
I feel like
this is a dream
one day I will wake up
and see you again
you are in my heart
since the day you left
my happiness fade away
InLove000 Mar 2015
I smile
I hide
I cry deep inside
no one can hear
the pain I feel
InLove000 Feb 2015
Acting is my dream
my passion
Ah how I love Acting!
If only what surrounds me ,helps me to become one
If , If and If ...........
I only know that it won't come true
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