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I needed you, but you said where just friends.
You was going to be my Cortana forever, but you said you didn't love me.
I wanted to give you all of your desires, but you turned you head the other way.
I felt as well as knew though our love could be eternal, but you said we can just be friends while my heart was longing for your love.
And now after this, my heart is warm but I feel so much pain.
I want to be more than just friends with you.
I want you to say your mine and no one's else's.
I want you to hold me tight and never let got.
I want you to feel and know my love for you and only you, but you'll never know.
I will always love you even though you don't love me.
The only thing I ask of you is just stop playing with my
feelings Because my heart cant take the pain, hurt, and rejection from you.
But still I ask for you to love me,
even though you don't love me back.
I truly love you forever and ever.
I'm here for you when you need me.
All it takes is a knock on my door.
Their was this girl that I loved so much but then she said lets be friends. I was hurt, but I guess I have to have no emotion at all to feel the pain that I was feeling earlier. But besides that, I hope you like the poem :)
Your Gorgeous, your fun, your freaky in a awesome way.
Your cool, your understanding, and your beauty is everlasting.
Your tall but not taller than me, but your just right in everyway.
your curves define perfection, your skin so smooth and yet so delicate.
Your voice when you speak is so amazing that every time you speak, my Heart leaps with joy and love.
Your smile is so perfect and true that it brightens my day and soul.
I WISH YOU KNEW, I wish you knew. I wish you knew how much I love you. I love you so much that I would protect you and never leave you side.
If (God forbid) you've broken your legs, I would carry you anywhere you want to go.
If (God forbid) you've broken your arms, I would clean you, dress you, feed you, e.t.c. Forever more.
I will never leave your side.
I will do anything you say.
I will love you forever and ever.
just let me into your heart and our journey of Adventure and Love will never end :)
I'm longing for my love
but she's obscure and out of sight.
I'm longing for her light
on my darkest of days.
I'm longing for my life
to be more than just video games.
I'm longing for my heart to be warm and full
of love than it to be cold and technically full of hate.
I'm longing to be free and support the ones I love.
I'm longing for a house that's not to big,
not to small but is just right for me
and my future family.
I'm longing for
love that
Legend and legends.
We the people are all types of legends,
But each legend has a trial.
A trial no ordinary man nor women can obtain.
The trials of Strength.
The trials of Wisdom.
The trials of Courage.
These three trials are endless in time and future.
But all three equal love for people,
family, yourself, the one that you love and/or might love and any other thing that these three things might bring.
These three things give us the power
to move on towards life and its trials of our Legend of Legends.
We all have our trials of Legends and we will have a Legend on Earth that every single person will remember and will talk about the Legends to their Children's children.
The Trials of Legends
will be our legend and
shall last forever in our
futures of future.
I want everyone to be happy,
but I want myself to be happy as well.
I flirt with every girl I see,
but I never used to be this way.
Me, I was a very shy guy but stupid
people and kids in my generation
******* up my mind.
I do all my work,
get good grades in school.
But, a stupid kid in my generation
Showed me a inappropriate video
that I had no recollection of.
When I saw it everything changed.
I sometimes watch it,
just to feel better about myself.
But I regret watching every second of it.
AND ALSO, the stupid saying of "That's What She said".
"That's what she said" is not supposed to mean anything nasty.
Its just means what that person said, THATS ALL.
But, this mind set is not gonna ruin the way I think.
I not thinking wrong really anymore but I'm getting better.
So people say I talk a lot, when really I don't.
Theirs really nothing about me to talk about.
I'm a simple person who has no care in the world.
But the only thing I wish is that I
have a girlfriend who's just like me.
Only found two girls like me or where cool and awesome.
First one moved and the second one is in a school far away.
So yea, its really sad.
Today, I flirt with girls, I really don't know why.
I guess I want girls to feel happy about themselves,
cause what I hear when I'm around girls,
theirs always these guys dumping them and they start crying.
I know I shouldn't but I have to say something
to them so they can feel better and/or just brighten their day for the better.
The girls think I love every girl I see because
I flirt with every girl but ITS A LIE.
Me, they look at me and see me always happy and cheerful, when really I'm hurting so much in my heart.
To ignore the pain I'm feeling,
I call myself Master Chief from HALO 4,
see Master Chief,
he's a Spartan in the UNSC and has a AI called Cortana and she helps him on missions.
The thing that keeps him alive is Luck.
Master Chief feels no pain and has no feelings,
So I call myself Master Chief Because I don't feel pain when somebody hits me and I almost have no feelings for no one but I still have feelings for people.
This is how I get away from the pain and now I'm always alone.
This is the live of a Spartan and now I call myself Master Chief.
No one can break the chain around my heart.
If a girl can, that would be the day I love again and would be my bride.
Sorry if it sounds so sad, I just had to say the truth and I couldn't keep it hidden inside of me anymore.
Please don't feel down nor sad.
Sorry, I haven't been on in ages cause school work and feelings get in the way. Umm, I don't have any new poems to right cause I just don't know what to right. If you have any suggestions please tell me :) I hope you all are having a good day and I'll be on more. Thank you for your time and have a good day :D
I'm sorry if I said something wrong.
I'm sorry if I ask the questions of
my, yours or anybodys life.
I'm sorry if I asked to questions that
you didn't have to answer.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm SO SO VERY SORRY.
Can you forgive me,
just like God forgives
us for all our sins.
I don't know why, but I feel guiltyo or bad about something and I want to get the guilt or bad away from me.
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