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13.5k · May 2013
I Can't Stop Loving You !!!!!
InLove000 May 2013
Look At Me
& You Will Understand
How I Feel.
Look Deep In My Eyes
& You'll See Your Name Written In My Eyes
Touch Me Heart When You Near Me
& You'll Know How Much I Love You
No Words Can Explain
I Love You More Than You Believe,
You Are My Life,
My Other Half,
The Man That I Want!
Look Around You,
Has Anyone Loved You More Than I Do?
I Don't Think So !
Always Be Happy
Cause Your Smile Is A Source Of Life For Me.
I Breathe When You Breathe.
But Forgive Me
For What I Say.
I Know You Don't Feel Exactly The Same
But Sometimes I Think That I'm
For You Just A Silly Game
That You Played With Once
I'm Sorry For My Feelings
But I Can't Hand It
I Swear I Can't
I Love You!
Come & Tell Me You Hate Me
That There's No Other Chance,
No Fake Hope.
Don't Show Me, But Tell Me.
& Then I Will Leave
I Swear I Will Leave You,
My Endless Pain.
It's Not Your Fault,
I Can't Blame You
It's Me Who Fell In Love With You
Tell Me Your Truth
& You'll Never See Your Name In My Eyes Again,
Cause I'll keep Our Pas t& My Love
In The Bottom Of My Heart
& I'll Be Gone...
But You Have To Remember That
I Truly Loved You
With All My Hear
And Always Will Do
Whatever Happens
No One Can Takes Me Away From This World
Until That Day I will Never Ever Stop
''Loving You''
6.0k · Jun 2013
InLove000 Jun 2013
Your absence makes me realize just how much I love you and I have missed you!
all the while that we have been apart.
The mornings do not seem as beautiful as they used to and the nights are even worse.
I miss the sound of your breath!!!
As I'm in deep sleep I'd would twist & turn imagining your arms around me.
Nothing in the world matters more than having you!
I love you & I hope you feel the same.
4.8k · Jun 2013
If There Is Love! Then What?
InLove000 Jun 2013
I do understand that everyone has their own views on getting involved with person that are a lot older.
But when real feelings are involved
True love exists
Then what !?
Nothing else matters.
No age gap is too wide if we both feel so right.
Love is ageless and pure
Having a big age gap in a relationship should never pose a problem.
4.1k · Apr 2013
You Light Up My World !
InLove000 Apr 2013
Your smile is the reason for my happiness
I can hardly control my feelings in front of you
It may seem like I'm over exaggerating
But I'm simply just reinstating that feeling we call
Love goes and come and when it truly come we should hold on it tight and never let it go,,,
No matter how hard we try to fight.
I never knew before how is it to be in love
Until that very special moment ''When I started loving you''
You brought a wonderful things in my life
You opened my eyes to see the beauty of love!
You taught me a thing that I wasn't even going to understand ,But you never taught me the art of letting go
and the cure of hurting so much.
InLove000 Jun 2013
Seeing You Isn't Always Enough For Me,
But Your Love Is Enough To Keep My Heart Beat
You Make Life Beautiful For Me,
On The Other Hand,
I Cry
You Know Why
Because I Can't Have You
I pray
I Pray It Starts & Ends With You,
Just How I Want The Rest Of My Life To Be,
I Pray
That Your Heart Is Connected
Between You & I
I Swear
These Words I Write,
Words Just For You.
A Poem For You
My Love!
InLove000 Aug 2013
Tomorrow I Will Wake Up In The Early Morning
Jumping Out Of The Bed , Knowing That I Will See You :)
I Make Sure I Look The Best.
Tomorrow My Eyes Will Light Up When I See Your Eyes
My Heart Will Keep Beating So Fast
I Will Keep My Eyes Fixed On You
Hoping To See Your Lovely Soul.
When You Say Good Morning To Me
I'm Sure My Heart Will Keep Beating Faster & Faster
Because Of The Amazing Eyes That Will Be Looking Deeply Onto Mine
You Are On My Mind All Day
Baby,I Cannot Erase The Beauty Of Your Beautiful Face

2.0k · Jun 2014
InLove000 Jun 2014
no one can see
no one can feel
I smile,pretending to be happy!
no one can see
this is me
I wish I could find that special someone
who could understand the real me
1.7k · Jun 2013
I'm Dying To See You!
InLove000 Jun 2013
I Will See You After Two Months
I Swear It's Too Much :(
I'm Just So Sad Because I Really Fell In Love With YOU.
I'm Missing Your Voice
Your Smile
Your Eyes When They Stare At Me
Your Lips
I Don't Know What To Do!
But At Least I See Your Beautiful Face In My Dreams
1.6k · Sep 2013
Shut Up ;)
InLove000 Sep 2013
Put Your Lips On Mine
Lets Kiss Forever
And Shut Up
1.6k · Aug 2013
You don't know me yet
InLove000 Aug 2013
Do you see this smile,
So huge upon my face everyday,
I seem like a happy person
but deep inside ,I'm not
I'll bet you didn't know,
As I close my bedroom door,you are in  my mind
I try to sleep
*How could I ? when I don't know the night!
InLove000 Apr 2013
I love you so much
That I can not tell
I wish I could tell you
Just how i feel
If I tell you though
You'll just laugh and scream
But I hope you feel
The way I do
When I'm near you
I feel the love
the love that I hide
from my heartbeats
I can't look at you
from the love that I hide
I feel like I wanna fly
when I'm near you
InLove000 Jun 2013
Not Allowing Men To Touch Me Is Not A Stupid Thing!
Because Being Called Stupid Against A Confident Woman Who Knows Herself Is Like Being Called A Limited Edition, Meaning That I Am Something People Don’t See That Often.Remember That People!!
1.3k · May 2013
I Can Still Smell You
InLove000 May 2013
I Wish I Could Know Your Perfume Name
So I Can Put It On Me
Smell It
Whenever I Miss You
Especially At Night
Imagining You
I Love You
1.3k · Jun 2013
Nothing Compares!
InLove000 Jun 2013
Nothing Truly Compares The Happiness I Get
I See Your Beautiful Face
Your Gorgeous Smile That Gives Me Hope
Your Amazing Eyes
Your Unforgettable Voice
Nothing Really Compares!
1.2k · Sep 2013
I Wish I Could Marry You Now
InLove000 Sep 2013
Put Your Body Above Mine , So We Can Combine
1.2k · Apr 2014
InLove000 Apr 2014
My love
I never thought that I would find someone like you
A Man With great morals
With My side always
I feel safe
from you
You are my baby
But not only my baby
You're my sweet heart
My Dad
My friend
My soul mate
The best thing that ever happened to me
Is You <3
My Sweet Heart

I love forever
1.1k · Feb 2016
InLove000 Feb 2016
Loneliness , sadness and tears
things that cannot be explained
are deep inside my heart
since the day you left
I still can't believe
I cannot imagine that I will never be able
to talk or see you again
rest in peace
1.1k · Jun 2013
I Wish You Could Read This!
InLove000 Jun 2013
I never felt before what I'm feeling now
This year I started feeling so madly in love with him.
Every time I saw I couldn't see anyone else
I would wait for him in the mornings to speak to!
I dream about being married to him all the time.
He is honest trustworthy , intelligent & polite ...Everything about him is so perfect.
I was a person that would say that no marriage and no children till 25 years but now I'm more than happy to go through everything with him!
I want to tell him sooner like now so I can get this heavy weight of distractions off my back ...
I'm so scared that he'll hate me or will find it awkward around me for next couple of days ...
I don't know what to do! I really love him I have never felt something so strong!
People thought I was being stupid and immature then when they saw me around him, they believed me!
I love the way he looks onto my eyes & I know that there is something.
1.1k · May 2013
That's How I Fell In Love :)
InLove000 May 2013
Do you care about me?
Do you love me?
why are you so mysterious !
Why do I think about you constantly
you are killing me slowly
I want to say I love you
But I'm scared
I am still not sure of your feelings
Although I try to appear tough
Love me, hold me, kiss me
Please I’m begging you don’t hurt me
All I want is YOU
Life is very simple
Why can’t we all get along
Am I doing something wrong?
turn your back to people &
lets be forever together
who cares!!
it's none of other people's business
IT'S LOVE !!!!!!
When I’m with you I’m in ecstasy
We don’t even have to do anything & I’m the happiest girl in the world
just simply sitting next to you doing absoluotly nothing means the is the WORLD to me.
I just know everything is going to be alright
Your looks takes away all my problems and pain
You bring me hope
You bring me life

When I first saw you I have to admit nothing really moved inside of me
I didn’t knew you,
But what happened then
I was excited, maybe a new friend
As I got to know you
I knew you were someone special
You had a tender loving side that I grew to adore
I grew to love your unforgettably cute smile
The  smell of you
Your touches on my shoulder
Your ability to know when something is wrong
No guy has ever done that so fast
I never thought I’d be the jealous selfish type
I might sometimes show it, but I can't control myself
I can't hand it
it kills me when other girls talk to you
I just can't
forgive me .
I will give you a love that is unshakable and true

'''Trust Me'''
1.1k · Jun 2013
I'm Addicted To Him!!!
InLove000 Jun 2013
Why must my heart be the prisoner of this ruthless pain?
Why must my stubborn heart continue grasping into this wonderful man I'm in love with?
How can it be this hard?
To love someone you can't have?
How can they make you stay up until the morning thinking about nothing but them?
How is it possible that as soon as you open your eyes,
their beautiful smile
lovely face appear in your head?
That when you're going to sleep, the last thing you think about is them?
How is it possible that sometimes, you never stop thinking about them?
When you go to sleep and dream about them, wake up thinking about no one but them... How?
I'm Wondering How!
How can you allow someone to have so much power over you?
He does something to me, that Man!
I love him
He's making me cry.
1.1k · Aug 2013
I Wish I Could Kiss You
InLove000 Aug 2013
I Wish I Could Meet You At Night Before I Sleep
Instead Of Holding My Pillow So Tight
Imaging The Pillow Is You
I Wish
I Wish Wishes Comes True
I Wish
973 · May 2013
InLove000 May 2013
Your Amazing Eyes
Are Just Killing Me Inside
How Beautiful you are
In my eyes!
The naughtiness in your smile,
That strength in your stare
You Sweet Heart
I just can't handle the beauty that you have
all these reasons and more,
Why I love you so much....
InLove000 Mar 2019
The day our eyes spoke was the day I questioned everything I ever had.
That beautiful moment,
I lost track of time
I lost myself looking at you
I felt joy, peace and a sense of being back home
I felt love that I didn't know existed in me
For the first time, I felt absolutely complete
I fell in love with your blue eyes looking back at mine, shining bright with so much love.
I felt strange things inside my body, from my stomach levelling up to my chest and getting outside my eyes.
As I watched you slowly trying to look away then turning back to look at me more clearly
I guess you saw the stars in my eyes.
November 6th 2018
947 · Sep 2013
The **Man** I Want
InLove000 Sep 2013
I Love It
When we used to stand the whole time together In The Recess
All girls are getting jealous because you are standing with me
All Boys are getting so **** jealous when I laugh & smile with you
We used to laugh so hard
I remember every moment
When you used to get so close to me&stare; a lot
looking so deeply onto my eyes
and getting so **** close to the point that I can't move
and forgetting about people
but I used to give you that look we aren't alone here
& you could know
I could see the jealousy eyes around me

But yea
I ignore them all
**Because All I Want Is Standing In Front Of Me
849 · Aug 2013
It's Jealousy Baby
InLove000 Aug 2013
I try to pretend it doesn't bother me
Now you think I don't care?
But honey I do
I just don't want to lose you.

Its Jealousy baby,
Jealousy consumes me
And its killing me.
820 · Apr 2013
Forbidden Love
InLove000 Apr 2013
How do I describe the forbidden love !
My Heart Beats whenever I see you
My Heart Beats , Bleeds, Cutting me inside .....
Afraid from wishing you too much.
Without you in my life my loneliness will grow with time.
All what I'll have is just memories!
I'll be stronger than that & pray to God to let us be together .
795 · Jan 2016
I miss you Mom
InLove000 Jan 2016
I miss you
without you
life has no meaning
I feel like
this is a dream
one day I will wake up
and see you again
you are in my heart
since the day you left
my happiness fade away
761 · Apr 2013
InLove000 Apr 2013
I Do Not Need My Eyes To Know How Deep My Love's For You
The Flutter Of My Heart When I'm Near You
The Smell Of You , The Sound Of You , The Tenderness Of You Touching My Shoulder !
If I Would Add The Sense Of Sight , It Might Just Be Too Much !
InLove000 Jun 2013
I Loved You, Yes I Did, Still Do
Will Always Do
I Want You To Stay In My Life
I Am Being Selfish
Yes , I am
I Want You For Me Only
Love Is A Selfish Thing
That What Makes Love Special
You Are Perfect
It Is Such A Stupid Legal Thing
That Is Preventing Me From Holding You
Keeping Us Apart!
Preventing Us From Feeling A Mutual Love
There Is No Explanation
I Hope You Trust Me
I Will Spend Every Living Day Loving You, Wishing To Hold You, Touching Tour Lips
Wanting You.
Whatever Happens
I Will Still Want You
I Want What Completes Me
I Want You Tonight
I Love You
Will Keep Loving you Till The Day Of My Death!
740 · May 2013
I Missed You :(
InLove000 May 2013
I Ask Myself Why Am I Thinking Of You So Much
For Sure
It's True Love
I Think About All The Beautiful Moments We Shared Together &
The Way We Touched In Purpose
Still Feeling You So Much!!!
I Still Think Of The Moment When We Touch
I See You So Clearly
Your Eyes
Your Mouth
Everything About You Is So Clear.
I Still Feel Your Arm Wrapped  Around My Shoulder
Our Hands Clasped.
I Remember How Wonderful It Felt The First Time
You Held Me In Your Arms &
How After All Those Months You Still Made My Heart Melt.
I Hear Your Voice Saying My Name & Making It Sound Beautiful
I Hear Our Conversations Over & Over In My Head.
I Missed Your Voice.
Will I Ever Get The Chance To Hear It Again Before The Three Months ?
What Has Happened Is Never Spoken &
What I Am Feeling never Get To Be Spoken
Since Actions Speaks Louder Than Words
There Is No Words To Say Directly To You
Simply ,,,
I Miss You, I Wish You Could See
I Miss Those Days When You Would Call Just To Say Hi , How Are You .
Saying Anything To Get My Attention
The Days Were So Nice
I Won't
Say Good-Bye  
Never Ever !
Because Good-Bye Means I Will Not See You Again
I Miss The Times That You & I Could Just Sit & Talk For Hours
Never Run Out Of Things To Say.
One Thing I Know For Sure
Is That Words Could Never Take The Place
The Place Of How I Feel
I Will Keep Saying You Are My Last True Love
The One I Love
The One That My Eyes Can't See Anyone Except You
The One Who Took My Heart
The One That I Can't Look At You Because Of How Much I Love You
Every Time I See You
I See Your Beautiful Smile
You Eyes Looking Deeply Onto Mine
  Feel Your Warm Touch
I Fell So Deep For You
Adore you
730 · Sep 2013
My Sweetheart,
InLove000 Sep 2013
I keep on crying,
All the time, I'm dying,
Your ABSENCE Is killing me!
Staying there,without you
When will all this pain stop?
I think,It will never
Unless you come back
So I can see your everyday,My Sweetheart
Whenever I hear your name baby
Tears slowly comes rolling down my cheek.
Its been 3 days
& I'm dying
A part of me will be always waiting for you <3
683 · Aug 2013
Isn't That Cute ? :)
InLove000 Aug 2013
I sent him an email 2 months ago asking if he's travelling to America AND that I am wondering if it's true.
before 3 days I got an reply saying:Great to hear from you! I'm just fine. I hope you had a great summer!
I'm still here and will see you very soon at school.
How Cute Is That
He asked hows my grades
Take Care of Yourself!
680 · Aug 2013
InLove000 Aug 2013
There hasn't been a single day in the past two months that I haven't thought of you.
I still love you.
I MISS your gorgeous eyes, your smile,YOUR SMELL, your sense of humor that went so well with mine.
InLove000 Aug 2013
Wow!Such a nice,funny & intelligent man is driving me insane.
He has something that man that I can't breath when he's around.
He has something in his eyes such as energy is coming out that could stop me looking him into his eyes ,afraid of reading my thoughts
His eyes smile and looks deeply onto mine that's why I can't look him in the eyes whole time .
651 · Jan 2015
little do you know
InLove000 Jan 2015
little do you know how I am breaking piece by piece
little do you know little do you know
how I spend days waiting for your call
little do you know how I spent nights imagining you
little do you know how much I have fallen for you
little do you know how I felt while your away
little you will never know how much I love you
641 · May 2013
Biggest Lie
InLove000 May 2013
"My Heart Will Go On "
The biggest lie I've ever heard.
639 · Aug 2013
Jealousy Is Killing Me!!!
InLove000 Aug 2013
I saw him in the morning and I was with my friend (not my best friend) so he kept talking to her and ignoring me!!! its not usual!! :'( Seriously am sad and whenever she say something he smiles at her and he said that if our country got in real danger he can leave easily to the UK ,He knows that my friend has the red passport HE TOLD HER YOU CAN LEAVE TOO and I WAS STANDING LIKE AN IDIOT !!! Doing nothing but listening. I said that after 1 year when I graduate I will go to a uni in the UK and will live alone there without my parents controlling me,he said yea its better to live alone .
what he's trying to do !?I don't know whenever he talks to her and smile he look back at me but when am not looking at him.
We are here to help each others so please comment or send me a message .
Seriously its annoying!!!!!
638 · Sep 2013
September 5th 2013
InLove000 Sep 2013
When you kept coming closer and closer
My heart was beating so fast , so fast
I gave you that look so you can get back a little , we aren't alone here
But you didn't cared about anyone
You kept coming closer and closer
to the point that I couldn't move
you think am over exagerating but seriously I couldn't breath
you kept looking at my eyes, chest , neck and checking me out the whole time
I gave you that look again , but you didn't even cared about anyone
you just kept coming closer and closer
looking me in the eye
go check you eyes honey ,they have an X-ray power , something like a magnet
You are eating me by you eyes
From your closeness my chest turned RED
You asked me why ?
I said its because of the hot weather, my skin turns red instead of being tanned
You said , yea I remember you told me before
But Huh It's Because Of You , I feel something HOT in my chest when you are near me.
You are driving me crazy
636 · Aug 2013
Tomorrow 28th of August
InLove000 Aug 2013
Tomorrow I Will Finally See Him :)
How Could I Sleep Tonight
How Could I
For Sure
I Would Keep Thinking Of The Beautiful Tomorrow
Tomorrow My Heart Will Keep Skipping A Beats
Whenever I See His Beautiful Face
636 · Jun 2013
I Need Him!
InLove000 Jun 2013
I feel like I need you to hold me & not say a word,
Hold me softly just so I can feel your warmth and know that I am not alone,
that no matter how hard my life is,I will always have you to support me
at the end of a very long day,
when I am tired of being strong when I am in need of comfort let me be yours to hold,
& let me be yours to accept,Hold me & kiss my tears,
what I wanna hear Is your heartbeat and fall asleep.Hold me so I can be alright!
626 · Jun 2013
Dear Mom!
InLove000 Jun 2013
There was a time I loved you
Know matter what you would say.
Now I no longer love you
You scared my love away.
I always hoped you love me
You seem happier with others
No matter who they are.
But not when I’m around
So I loved you from a far.
No matter what I do
It’s never good enough.
Why you hate me I don’t know!
You said it a lot that you don't want me
From the day I was a womb in your belly
You told the doctor how can I get rid of her
I don't want her
Make her die
He didn't let you
I wish he did
So I don't need to suffer the pain
I am suffering now*.
612 · Jun 2013
Trust Is A Big Word
InLove000 Jun 2013
Don't Always Trust Someone Who Fall In Love With You Quickly
Because Either He Wants To Have Fun Or To Forget Someone's Else
612 · Sep 2013
I Love It
InLove000 Sep 2013
I love the attention he gives me everyday .
I love it when he shows
Such dedication to me
I love the way he look me in the eye
I love when he gets closer and closer ,trying to touch me  
Didn't even care about anyone or anything
I love how he's ready to take the risk
I just simply love everything about him
InLove000 Sep 2013
I told you that  girls nowadays get in a relationship with guys whom are a little bigger.
2 months then they break up , fake guys for fake girls
You told me those small bad girls only want things from guys
They don't love seriously
Such a *****
They want kisses and little rubs

I looked at you
Then said that's why its better to fall in love with a bit older man ;)
I wished to say , Kiss me , Rub Every Part In My Body And I Want More, More!
InLove000 Sep 2013
I Never Knew That Love Is This So Beautiful,Until Today.
I Never Knew,Just Thought So That You Were Just Talking To Girls In Front Of My Eyes ,Just To Make Me Jealous.
But Today , Yea Today
When Those  9th Graders Girls Walked & Said HI To You ,You Rejected Them
Your Eyes Were Looking Back At Me
To See My Reaction.
I Lift My Left Eyebrow & looked At Them.
You Told Me That They Usually Jump On Guys
I Told You Soon They Will Jump On You, Then I Smiled :P
Your Response Was The Best Thing I Heard
I Want A Little Little Older Girl

At That Moment I Stared At The Floor & Realized That It's Me
I Lift My Head Up & Your Sweet Eyes Were Looking So Deeply Onto Mine.
I was astonished by his reaction :)
InLove000 Sep 2013
A young man had a girlfriend. He was getting tired of her because she sent him messages every hour that said "I miss you" or "I love you". One night before bed he received a message, but rather than read it went to sleep. In the morning he was awakened by a call. It was girlfriend's mother crying saying that his girlfriend was killed last night. He was in a state of shock, went to read the message: "My sweetheart, come quickly, I think someone is following me!". And Now EveryDay He Comes And Brings One Extra Flower To The Site Where She Was Murdered. Moral of the story: never rejects those who love, care, and try to reach out to you, because one day you'll realize you lost the moon while counting the stars!
If ever you are touched by this story .. Share & click on "Like"
589 · Sep 2013
New Life
InLove000 Sep 2013
A New Chapter In My Life
Will Start With **HIM
588 · Jul 2013
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt!
InLove000 Jul 2013
Look I Love You and would appreciate it if you wouldn't say things such as you're cute etc if you don't mean it.
**I don't wanna get hurt
InLove000 Aug 2013
I will get close to your soul
very close
lift my feet up a little
in order to reach your ears
I miss you
I'll close my eyes
smell your neck
563 · Feb 2015
Acting Is My Passion <3
InLove000 Feb 2015
Acting is my dream
my passion
Ah how I love Acting!
If only what surrounds me ,helps me to become one
If , If and If ...........
I only know that it won't come true
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