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Never the same
Keeps repeating
Just when I completely
Still finds it's way
to haunt me.
Your the bright one's
While I'm the dark one's
Can we mix some together
  To change that ?
How I'm feeling is
No longer can I just
Be myself...
 Sep 2014 Hawk Flight
Thenay Cora
You wake up to the sunrise.
whose bed is this?

Her back is arched against your chest,
I wonder what her name is

Your face feels burried in her hair
drunk me likes brunettes

Your glasses on her nightstand
please dont wake up before I leave

The door creaking while she sleeps.
I'd hate being her drunk mistake

You wonder the streets to your home.
*I wonder who wakes up in your bed in the morning.
Your bed was the closest one to home.
 Sep 2014 Hawk Flight
Thenay Cora
The song of your loneliness
echoes inside my ventricles.
 Jun 2014 Hawk Flight
dove song
 Jun 2014 Hawk Flight
a caged dove sits on its perch,
and listens to its own silent song.
while the veiled sun ascended to its throne of flames
and gave rise to its free wings.

***** filled the air
and all the while a new song chimed on
like a call unanswered.
as the dove listened, it began to hum;
their tunes began to intertwine.
all the while the dove thought:
that song sounds like mine
Maybe we all need a little release..
everyone says
that it's the lack
of sleep
that brings bruises
around our eyes

but really
we get the dark rings
from our thoughts
punching us
in the face
 Jun 2014 Hawk Flight
You paint a perfect picture.

Full of firey reds
and deepest blue.
A sprinkle of gold
adds the final touch
to this masterpiece of 'you.'

But I've learned my lessons well.
Between the brush strokes,
the color choices,
the vibrant subject,
and opinionated voices.

A deeper inspection finds
a glaring exception.
The missing shadows
and darkened hues.
A blackened soul conveniently
hidden from view.

Most likely.

Deceit is your brush,
vivid lies fill your pallete.
A habit common among
those whos veneer
is as thin as your canvas.

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