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Facy Meemster May 2017
being broken is the only way to heal
let the light get in instead of creating a seal
Facy Meemster May 2017
In my own cave; my personal dwelling
Just thinking thoughts, never intending on telling
No energy no passion no smiles no drive
Just being by myself is how I thrive

Excluding myself without even realizing
Former chatterbox now stresses socializing
Family, friends they all notice first
They're confronting and yelling when I’m at my worst

Just smile be happy c'mon talk again
Get back to normal not what you have been
I hear all at least ten times a day
No matter how much you say it the blues won’t go away

Let me be let me handle it myself
just in a dark place it’s hard to find oneself
I’ll be back, just give my mind time to fight
smiles slowly appearing stepping into the light
Facy Meemster Apr 2017
Electronic Zombies
Everywhere you look.

Down we look. Down-
Loading a book.

Down we scroll. Down
With no control.

Down the dark web. Down
into our head.

Down battery percent. Down
and discontent.
2017 spin on "We real cool"
Facy Meemster Apr 2017
Strong emotionally and physically; while it is strong in flavor
A mug of coffee wakes one up; yet you’re the smile in the cup
You’re the feeling a child gets when handed a party favor
Caffeine is soon to crash but yet you liven up

One thousand cups can’t wake me up the way that you can
A Rosetta painted in the milk can’t compare to the beauty of you
Full of life and full of color; coffee is only black or tan
Even when the *** is empty you never bid adieu

Though black coffee is dark, it’s not as dark and mysterious as you
More life is given from your laugh than all the caffeine in the carafe
You’re the superior flavor no matter the way I brew
Your heart holds all the power; the complete opposite of decaf

Out of everyone in the world, you’re the one I adore
As for the coffee, I’m already brewing more.
Facy Meemster Apr 2017
The beauty that people travel far to see
Unbelieving on how massive it could be

Wrought iron lattice visible from miles away
Bringing smiles to faces that are sure to stay

Some plan to have a kiss under its bright lights
They’ll mimic the native’s ways to cause a sight

Sending postcards home with the beauty displayed
Or even pictures of them at parties, maybe the masquerade

Packing up macarons, baguettes, and croissants
for friends and family knowing they will want

Reminiscing of the trip on the way home at 600 miles per hour
Holding the memories and pictures of the trip to the Eiffel Tower
Facy Meemster Dec 2015
drugs are bad
but drugs are good
everyone thinks people who do drugs are up to no good
but doctors give them to you
to cure you from sickness and make you feel well
some people hate them
some people think they're swell
some even think they're rad
drugs are good
but drugs are bad
Facy Meemster Dec 2015
the scene when the girl had been studying for hours and looked up and saw a handsome guy standing by the door of a coffee shop and his scent stayed even after he left and it was his cologne and coffee that stayed in her nose for the rest of the night
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