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My face is lit up because I am wearing the smile that fell from your face.
 Jan 4 Eman
Dominic Clarke
Princes and princesses in aprons and suits,
Pirates on ships in the clouds,
Half-forgotten hopes and dreams,
And a vow of patience --

Scribbled in a 15 year old notebook,
In green felt pen,
In joined up handwriting, summed up in a phrase:
‘Wait for the stars to align.’

When Mars came hard and the moon turned its back
I forgot that notebook, and its plea,
When love found its way through to the eye of the storm,
And I accepted its course with a bitter tack --

I didn’t care for that notebook, and its caution
When all was in shadow, and
love’s bitter fruit wrought its sweet poison.
Paralysed by fear of loss and the barren vine.

I found a cure in the darkest sea
Beyond despair,
Beyond hope,
Of a promise made long ago.

Of a silver notebook
And green felt pen
In joined up handwriting
'Wait for the stars to align.'

And I did.
 Jan 3 Eman
From here onwards it’s but a dream
Much, much more then
A wish upon a star lite computer screen
Much more then a prayer to the celestial skies
From here onwards time no longer flies
The sting of life and death betrayed
From here love no longer goes astray
And this soul
Is but a fleeting feeling
when we finally let go!
What I really, really mean to express
From here onward it’s time to rest.
Then it will be time for coffee and waking up!
Traveler Tim
 Jan 3 Eman
One day, he took me to a place
It was such an enchanting place
And so I fell in love with that place ever since he brought me.

When he had to leave the town,
I decided to go to that place by myself,
but the place isn’t as beautiful as it was
And then I realized it’s not about the place
Yet it’s about the person that makes every spot in the room becoming more pleasant
 Jan 3 Eman
Michael Stefan
If I were to give,
But a single complimentary
Expression of appreciation,
To describe your rakish charm,
Crooked smile,
Thoughtful presence,
And belief in others,
It would be not of honeyed words,
Streaming forth to nurture
A supple vanity or growing ego,
I would not mention your dextrous
Use of complex lexicons,
Nor your stunning beauty,
As observed in glittering sunlight
Not even a mention
Of your soft kind eyes,
glowing with a gentle warmth

If I would be so inclined,
As to compliment you
As best I could,
I would have to lean upon
The 'G's of modern dictionary
And say you're pretty good
I felt like being a little playful and mischievous with this particular poem.  Sometimes it's hard to find the words to describe the person(s) that you care about.  And sometimes it's hard to know if others care about you.  Look into the depths of a single word and know there is an ocean of praise just below.
I come from a far away civilization...
And I have travelled so far and for so long in space, I can't even remember the name of my own planet...
This voyage was supposed to be just an attempt to find out other worlds out there...
Earth was supposed to be just one of the planets on my long journey...
I never intended for my stop here to last more than a few days...
Especially because I discovered I could not properly breath in this atmosphere...
Until I met you...
Then my plans changed...
I don't want to leave earth...
I don't care what else is there in the universe...
All I care for in the universe is here...
And I also discovered I can breathe the air surrounding you...
Just a puff from the air around you can sustain me for days...
The same way the memories of his muse allow a poet to write for years to come...
She's my beautiful
Angel from heaven above
And she's my beautiful
Princess who I truly love
And your my beautiful
Wife and your forever
The best gift in my life.
True Love ❤️❤️❤️
 Jan 3 Eman
 Jan 3 Eman
I said “I’m so lucky to have you”,
He replied “Baby I’m so blessed to have you”
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