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Sunshine Jan 2015
You burn a fire in my lungs
rising my blood pressure
I throw up the blood
and leave it for my demons to clean up.

There's a shadow in my body
and I'm not sure if it's your old one that i borrowed a while back
you sleep in my arteries
like you sleep in skate parks

You bite my tongue and hit strangers' popcorn cans.
I know you've changed your clothes because I still have your shadow and his hair is a little shorter
your screaming but I can't open my mouth
your taking a baseball bat to my heart
and yet you don't give me any band aids for the scares you left me.
Sunshine Jan 2015
Medicine and drugs are only temporary
shadows and a lack of oxygen are always
I've always said I don't know what I want

But while under hot streams
I realized
We're always craving temporary
when together there's nothing else to crave
but bed sheets and skin

It's a shot in the dark.
You'd rather temporary than always
and even though heartbreak is always
I know you could fix it temporarily
why am I still writing about you
  Jan 2015 Sunshine
I've written myself into knots I cannot undo
and late nights have turned into mornings.
Tear stains mark many of my pages,
and my fingers have cramped from use.
I've run out of metaphors and clever rhymes,
synonyms, and similes,
because no matter how I start these lines,
I always end with you and me.
Sunshine Jan 2015
Can't think
without a blink-
182 playing 'I miss you'
I miss you too
one day I'll see you
go grab my left shoe
out the door I go
suicide doors show
Sunshine Jan 2015
Kiss Mary Jane good morning
then kiss Xanax goodnight
drop out of school
and party all night

You're too busy being "xantastic"
too even tell me to stop texting you
with low, bloodshot eyes and euphoria
I'm wondering if you've met Chris Dolmeth yet

So while your out trying new friends
making you forget about your problems
like me
I hope one day you'll wake up from this crack house
and finally see the mess you've made.
Sunshine Jan 2015
Shortness of breathe
and weakness of knees
unable to blink
and unable to think.

My heart is bleeding out
and the blood is freezing around my rib cage
and I thought you were cold blooded.

bad poetry
and sunken ambitions.

Change comes in a blink of an eye
but all I can see is our past
since there will be no future.
Sunshine Dec 2014
I am sick of this
a sickness with a side of anger
It makes my intestines inflamed
and my lungs collapse

Sick to my stomach
more like my stomach is filled with ants
biting my stomach lining
causing me to say things that i shouldn't

The anger defies gravity
in that it rushes from the tip of my toes to the core of my brain
it just wants to find a way out
it's tired of being bottled up like aging wine

But every time I try and release my anger,
hitting innocent objects
and faulty people,
trouble finds my way

I don't know what to do anymore
well, I never have
but I'm sick
sick of having
a sickness with a side of anger
rambling has become a problem
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