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Sunshine Dec 2014
Bleeding paranoia
and one too many lines
searching for the definition of "purpose"
in porcelain skin and ruby designs.
Metallic marathon skiers
race down the snow, white *****
blue veins may be the finish line
wake up little Susie... let's find a new way to cope.
I'm losing it

Hearing your sounds
In creaking walls

Seeing your face
In shadows

Feeling your presence
On my skin

Smelling Cologne
Drifting in the air

But it all disappears
And I remember

you're not here
A lonely tale
You love them
With all your heart and soul
Yet, you can't be with them
But you'll never let them go...
And it hurts...
Trust me, I know...
People... Stay strong
Someone better may come along
You're thinking..
"But, they're the one I want"
I've thought this too,
Still do...
"Unrequited Love: Life's way of saying you can do better"
But, even if you never end up together
You can still be there for each other
Sometimes, love can be one sided
Don't let that divide you
If you love someone for selfish reasons
Then you love them not at all
Cause when they don't return the love,
A true love will be there to catch them when they fall
Will care, laugh and respect every wish
Will listen after every date, hit or miss
Will wipe away the tears
And brush off the knees
Stick around through the best and worst years
Be a shoulder, when they need somewhere to lean
They may never love you back
Even when you know they should
Love's not meant to be selfish
It's about doing what's right and good
Inspired by Andrew
Sunshine Dec 2014
The same question repeated and lingering in the air
"What's wrong?"
All I know how to pronounce is
Because if anything else comes out my mouth
tears would decide to fall onto my cheeks

They know what's wrong.
but all they do is put an old Band-Aid on
without even cleaning the wound.

It's Christmas
a time of giving and of love
give me the chance to love him for a couple of minuets
it's been five months and two arguments since my eyes had the gleam in them.

All I want to know is 'why'
a three letter word with an eternity of meanings
but in this case I do not believe there is a reason for such pain
it will hurt nothing but during the time I would have to say goodbye.
I'm merely dreaming the chance of seeing you, even on Christmas
None of these gifts would compare to just seeing you for a couple of seconds.
  Dec 2014 Sunshine
Ham Aloufi
Don’t you cry you fragile heart for that love was an infection
There is no cure and you won’t be healed by injections
So many minds were lost in love coming from one direction
In the end you are going to forget it and it won’t be ever mentioned
So don’t write a poem about it and give it its own section
Don’t be sorry and prove it with actions
Love is a gift given to a few people without exception
When some people leave there is no sorrow nor tension
When some people leave there will always be a connection
So keep on living and keep on loving for it is the sweetest reaction
Sunshine Dec 2014
We're not miles apart today
maybe at least two
and it angers me that there will be no way of seeing you

We're popping fireworks
hoping you can see them from where you are
and the sound of the gun powdered lights
is the sound my heart makes when it thinks about you.

Lighting sparklers on fire
and spelling your name in bright stars
and watching it end in smoke
just how you end your days.

My mom just told me Red dye number 40 makes kids go crazy
and I'm starting to wonder if that's what my blood is made out of.

My patience is gone
and I've cut my hair.
I've lost count of how many times I've cried today
my parents know it's because of your curly hair and brown eyes
and all i want for Christmas is to see you
but I'm just flirtin' with disaster aren't I?
just ramblin' on... sorry
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