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Dec 2014
The same question repeated and lingering in the air
"What's wrong?"
All I know how to pronounce is
Because if anything else comes out my mouth
tears would decide to fall onto my cheeks

They know what's wrong.
but all they do is put an old Band-Aid on
without even cleaning the wound.

It's Christmas
a time of giving and of love
give me the chance to love him for a couple of minuets
it's been five months and two arguments since my eyes had the gleam in them.

All I want to know is 'why'
a three letter word with an eternity of meanings
but in this case I do not believe there is a reason for such pain
it will hurt nothing but during the time I would have to say goodbye.
I'm merely dreaming the chance of seeing you, even on Christmas
None of these gifts would compare to just seeing you for a couple of seconds.
Written by
       ryn, South by Southwest, Ham Aloufi and Sunshine
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