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Rainy Days Sep 2019
Slip by me
And wrap your arm around me
Just a peck
On my cheek
Enough to make me squeal
And blush like crazy
Oh you stealer of hearts
My Green Eye Boy.
Rainy Days Sep 2019
You sent me a message
Just one
Late at night
"I really like you, you know that?"
And it convinced me
It wasn't quite over yet.
This was just the beginning
Rainy Days Sep 2019
Hug me one more time
Green eye boy
Your secret is mine
And my heart is yours
Just take me out
I don't care where
And stare at me with your eyes
And your sly smile
My green eye boy
Who thinks
He isn't worth a fight
For his love.
Rainy Days Sep 2019
I fell for the boy
Making sandwiches in the kitchen
Fell for his eyes
A deep green
Like a pine tree
I fell deep for the boy in the kitchen
And boy I love him
And the way he looks at me.

— The End —