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Chucky's Bride Aug 2018
I still remember your look,
The ''judging look'', when you saw me with him.
I can't say if I was happy because I saw you hurt,
Or I just was sad because you needed so long,
To find out,
To find out that you actually love me.

But I'm happy.
I've got my revenge.
I've made you admit it,
Even though you never said it to me.
But I did it.

But this time I have left.
I've got my revenge.
I've got inside your head.
Even the strongest one has fallen.
And finally I have found a peace.

And even tho months has passed.
I still pray for you every night.
I still pray that you find peace.
I'm so sorry that that peace wasn't me.
And I'm sorry I needed so long to see it.

But I'm happy now.
He is nice, and I can say with all my heart that I love him.
He is giving me everything you were never capable of.
Love, kindness, happiness, protection.
I finally see the future.

But still,
I will remember our month,
Our lovely November.
Stay safe my Scorpio,
Because, finally I have left.
But I will pray for you.

With love, your Scorpio.
Chucky's Bride Apr 2018
Every weekend, I walk into that one room.
And suddenly,
I close my eyes and feel again every memory we've made.
Everything in that room reminds me of you.
And I wonder, for how much longer will I feel this pain in my chest.
For how much longer will I see your cold eyes whenever I close mine.
For how much longer will I end my days tortured by the memories.
I messed up.
I was suppose to be your punishment.
But in the end, I became your prisoner.
Chucky's Bride Feb 2018
I feel the coldness in my heart.
I can feel it filling all those cuts you made.
It's slowly coming up, from my heart till my mind.
I would say it hurts,but it doesn't.
It's just some blunt feeling traveling through my body.
It's taking over me this time.
And I really got tired of stopping it...
Don't blame me.
Roses can't live without water.
Also can't my heart without you.
Don't blame me...
Chucky's Bride Feb 2018
Obsession in my head
Love that won't end.

You belong with me,
There is no way I will set you free.

Love, you can't understand.
Oh love, I hope you will never understand.

Like a wave coming in my sleep,
It wants me to break and scream.

Scream of love and hate,
Scream of lust and blame.

Love, you can't understand.
Oh love, I hope you will never understand...
Chucky's Bride Feb 2018
Give me a rose
Give me your heart,
Grab my hand,
And make me stay in love.

Pull my body closer
Whisper little lies in my ear,
''I love you...'', lie to me please.
I want it all again
I want it to destroy me again
Oh, in such a rough and pleasent way...

How can I let you go?
I will never let you go.
You are mine even though you've never been.
Stay, lie, pray and die.
Let's make love.
Our kind of love.
It's you. It has always been you.

— The End —