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23/M/Texas    pain is a gift you return
Nikole L
24/F/Nowhere    Writing is my First Love.
John Destalo
55/M/Harrisburg, PA    I am human. I consider myself an expressionist. I explore through my words what it is to be human. I try to create depth through ...
Awesome Annie
32/F/Batesville Indiana    I breathe poetry it seems.....I love getting lost in it. Pen in hand or reading others art.
F/High lands    The truth is freedom
Melbourne    The chronicles being born in the eye of the storm and surviving in the hands of hell.
20/F    A royal pain
14/FTM/An rtc    I am just a small star in a world full of planets. I'd love advice on my poetry! :) you will surv;ve
20/M/London    If you have any strong feelings comment, I'd like to hear your opinions if you have to read my dumbass poems
18/Trans/my bed    giving up tbh
17/F/Ohio    Not all of us can be fortunate. I'm just another lady misfortune
Seattle    Sad stuff? Maybe.
F/cloud of feelings    hopeful romantic
Mikaela L
21/F/Anywhere, really    I'm an accidental poet in a heavily planned world.
Saudia R
Toronto    Avid knowledge seeker; Lover of all forms of expression. And cheesecake. *ALL POEMS ARE MINE, COPYRIGHTED AND ARE NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT MY CONSENT*
16/F/im lost    for a while I use this site to escape reality, so why don't you escape with me. plus I add my own poems to collections ...
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