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Chandy Oct 2021
What has been lost
Can be found
But on the journey to reclamation
Present sacrifices will be required for the past
Past or present?
Discretion or haste?
Which one brings joy to your face?
Chandy Mar 2020
When the truth comes out
It'll be an array of colors
One for each of us
That isn't truth
Selective acceptance
Better phrasing
Chandy Mar 2020
All I have to view
Resides in each one of you
You all form a bond
With each and every star
Oh, constellations up above
Why can't we share your love?
Chandy Mar 2020
First responder
Fast cars
Flipped and dismantled
Colliding into each other
No plan for such an occurrence
Future's snuffed
Thanks to one
Adrenaline induced
Just need time
To tell the families
Still difficult
Despite numbness
Chandy Mar 2020
Can't fall asleep
Of what?
About nothing
Maybe I can't
Bring myself to sleep
Under universal conditions
All others follow
Too much on my mind
Full platter
No chance to make it leftover
You're on my mind
Yet your's is gone
Dusted away
From flames and heroics
I miss you...
Chandy Mar 2020
Pots and pans
Collide onto the ground
Snaping awake
Risen from the grave
Sauntering around
Searching for a light
Lantern? No
Flashlight? No
Phone screen will work
In the kitchen
What's cooking up in there?
Oh, I see
Burglary is on the menu
Lanky kid
Crowbar in hand
Clean, never used
Items remain abused
Look out kid
Got more than the phone
Stashed in my pocket
Chandy Mar 2020
I can comprehend
The fear of life
Yet upon such an hour
No flesh shall disgrace
That arrives
When the moonlight
Awoke early
For a single purpose
One beaten down
By circumstance
It's all chance
Nature, such an enemy
Purging those who care
And who never knew you
I pray that one day
Dreams will be fulfilled
Chandy Mar 2020
I shouldn't have said that...
Ruined her day
Did the pain make mine?
Chandy Mar 2020
Peak from the skyline
Out into the open atmosphere
Oxygen arrives
All I see
Pink in the sky
Beautiful essence
Taken for granted
Stare at the beauties
Much more than just one
It all has a charm
Ball of furious fire
Romanticized endlessly
Sure, it may all be particles
Atoms in motion
Only if you suppress your emotion.
Chandy Mar 2020
Rope snapped
During the choke
The chair didn't fall
Tilted over
In slow motion
If only it worked out
May seem self-driven
Selfishly struggled
Yet, convinced that this place
The human race
Would be better without my space  
Attempted to croak
Hopped off like a frog
Searching for something to keep
Now I
Get to look forward to one more yolk
Chandy Apr 2020
Debris on the shore
They said everyone was poor
In faith
Now fate crumbled our luck
Bunch of shmucks
Running amuck
"When will help come?"
"Who will save us?"
The ones in their tower
Debating on how to solve a problem
That kills people by the hour
Come sit and cower
What the fathers wanted...
Balance of power
Hurting us more than needed.
Chandy Mar 2020
In the present time
Reaches a crippling low
Nothing but a zero
Null is my determination
Across the whole nation
Pure effort is squandered
****** on shoes
Half laced-up
Hop onto the transit
Open the doors
Work station arrival
Going to work
But I don't want to do any.
Chandy Mar 2020
Down life boulevard
Not a care in my head
Certain that I'm uncertain
But it's alright
As long as we all...
Lily and Silver
Go down to the boardwalk
Soak in the sunlight
Until the day
It hides from our sight
So, my friends
Same time as always
As for me
Vacant is what I'll be.
Chandy Dec 2020
Regulation prohibits fact
Precipitated by punishment
Concluding with tolerance
Chandy Oct 2022
For what we desire
Yet still
Satisfaction of a pill
Temporary means
To reach the ordinary
So scary
Unspoken and broken
Instead of begging for desire
Why can we not enjoy what transpires?
It takes no squire
To understand our burning liars
Pass the shame like a mixtape
Track 17, side B:
The defense of excess
Featuring thoughts that never evanesce
Chandy Feb 2021
In her delusions
Truth shows itself
Rearing an ugly head
Alongside intense guilt
To reveal tremendous suffering
By the hands of those
Who brought them here.
Chandy Aug 2021
I acquired my sensitivity
From clarity
But no one cares about charity
Cause that doesn't get a degree
Now we're stuck with a spree
That forgets about antiquities
Chandy May 2020
I wish I understood
Such a concept
But it's not my deal
Interrupted by feel
No matter the angle
Pray for an angel
Never shall descend
For a meager scenario
Yet to me...
It defines who I'll be.
Chandy Feb 2020
Pray for a break from the day to day
Before I decay
The world is in a rush
Sudden flush
Young boy no care in the world
Teenager begs for a dreamworld
Adult finds comfort in civil life
Elders pray for a decent afterlife
In between the busy weeks
I wish to feel the sun on my cheeks
Cold drink freezing my hand
Looking toward my promised land
Then the sun quietly sets
I sit in silence with no regrets
Stare at the night sky
A beauty I can’t simplify
Of course, this is a mere thought
Haven’t quite yet hit the jackpot
One day I’ll be on the roof
On that day I’ll feel bullet-proof
One day I’ll enjoy my youth
On that day I’ll face the truth
One day I’ll be an adult
On that day I’ll still exult
Chandy Jun 2021
A creator
Must have a drive
An optimistic outlook, one who strives:

To change
To evolve
To fix

But much like fire
A creator can create, or effectively destroy
Chandy Jan 2021
The more a problem is pointed out
A greater divide occurs
For the way to prevent injustice
Is action, not words
Chandy Feb 2021
Father, go there
The troubles are over
Go up there, please
Show up, no more hiding
I'll wait for you
At the beach covered in minerals
Chandy Feb 2020
In the red vortex
Black lines
Move around the sky
They're everchanging
It's because...
Those are people
In this world
Chandy Mar 2022
I am human
But I've never felt less
Then I do now
Perceived like an animal
No photos please, it puts my mind at ease
I try my best
Yet it never brings me joy
I take on responsibility
Yet never enjoy my time
I have accomplished things
That I can no longer remember
Memory returned to sender
Guess that shows how important it was
Who even sent this letter?
Crying, dying, barely surviving
What world have I been thrown into?
If life was ideal, I'd live it with no fear
Accomplish what I desire
Say what I think, do what I say
But I live in reality
Humans surround me
Yet I feel I am the only one...
No more room for morality
Tied down by legalities
Throw away the formalities, new mentality
I'll find a commonality in my abnormality
Sentimentality appreciated by none
Today, from now on, I foster my own vitality
Chandy Aug 2021
Just because
We adapt to any environment
Never means
We are satisfied with it
Chandy Dec 2020
People love to give advice
Yet never follow their own wisdom
Chandy Sep 2021
Beneath every gangster
Lies a desire for success
The means do not justify
Throwing obscenities
Riches have a half-life
Declare a state of emergency
For all these imitators
Should strive for something greater
Chandy Jun 2021
I honor the beach
Yet abhor the heat
Could it be, personal preference?
Or no longer, enjoying warmth?
Chandy Jul 2022
A paradox
Bound by a clock
I see humans
Who lack humanity
Dramatic irony, no sobriety
Asking to be accepted
With no self-respect
Begging for rights
When they have no more left
Blaming society for going under
Isn't it a wonder, how concepts are blamed for blunders
No rod to absorb the thunder
As the reason for existence gets torn asunder
Chandy Apr 2020
Gather around
Here's the demographic:
4 men
Gathered around a table
Ready to seek fortune
Through a simple game
A gambler's trial
From left to right
A debt collector who can't pay off his own
A man profiting to earn medicine for his son
A rich kid, wanting to prove himself
The one no one knows
Former Olympic gold-medalist
At fencing
Down on his luck
With what little he has
Perhaps fate will be kind
No chance of a reply
Small talk isn't the goal
Must integrate
Some form of strategy
Yet the hardest ones
Are the ones who are clueless
Of course, they could assist one another
But pride is at stake
No chance of mistake.
Chandy Oct 2022
A life so freeform
You could label it "jazz"
Where all they develop
Are dreams and fragile bonds
Looking for a nation beyond
Temporary stints
Into an amalgam
Uncertainty, fear, and disparity
Lives free of validity
While the ones who survive
Never know how to thrive
But when dealt the hand of life
No one always gets royals
Straight eights, full houses
Sometimes all that is obtained
Culminates in an ace
Labeled: Vagabond
Chandy Oct 2020
Cold home
Such a northern chill
But across the tri-state
Need an N.W.O
In the U.S.A
Separated mentally
Bound physically
To the end of our life
Immune to strife
Modern-day living that needs no wife
Feasting on skin
Replaced by sin-
When did we become wendigos?
Chandy Aug 2021
Feet on the air
Windsurfing on tranquility
Worrisome, no more
Travesties belong to another day
I may care, but only for so long
All things must recharge
Why treat ourselves differently?
Chandy Jul 2020
Garner info with questions
But all they hand you is suggestions
Doesn't take a sleuth to figure out the truth
What was once bad?
All the pain?
Love on display?
Faker than a cabaret.
Chandy Mar 2020
I remember your eyes
Stared into yours
Glanced over mine
Chandy Mar 2020
All things
Man has created
All things
Which are dual
For moral
And immoral
As we push forward
The possibilities come further
Into our future
While good and evil
Like all things
Chandy Jan 2020
We all have a time
Where we wish to
Be alone
Separated from the bunch
Cutting down on portion size
Of social time
Not sorrowful in heart
Nor empty in soul
Days just come where
We wish to be

Chandy Dec 2020
If only I knew
How bad things would get
Then I'd appreciate
Every second of my past
Chandy Feb 2021
Just because I cannot
Doesn't mean I should not
Chandy Nov 2020
A son of the sun
Never knew how to have fun
The only thing he ever did under the sun?
Away from what?
Circumstances in which he was living
Cat and mouse game, incredibly driven
By a desire to be happy
No matter if it meant
An absence of ambrosia
Chandy Oct 2021
Drifting through space
Falling down
Into oblivion
At the end of the road
I feel no fear
For I have taken the pain of others
Stapled onto me, I feel no regret
For the lives of many
Were aided by the few, one
A single reduced to zero
The others were spared, I was always ready
Chandy Mar 2022
A cake
Such a beautiful sight
A country
Such a difficult fright
With a cake
You can remove decorations
Adjust the presentation
An electrical sense of elation!
Yet, when the batter spoils
No one will swing
With the confections you bring
For it is not the frosting
Not the sprinkles
Candles, trinkets, icing
The problem lies in the depths
Of a rotten core
A foundation, soiled
Coiled around its heart
Protected, but long rejected
Chandy May 2020
Wake up
Get out of your chamber
That makes you lamer
Cook mediocre breakfast
Like every time
Get in the shower
Clean every inch
[You burnt the toast]
Brush the bones
Out of your skin
Pain that's akin
To a lengthy equation
[Can't believe it]
Get on the bus
Travel down the lane
Toward work met with disdain
[You burnt it like always]
I burnt it
Down to embers
Maybe home is where I'll go
This isn't my stop
[Your collar's out of line]
[You'll soon run out of time]
[Already half-way]
[Down the throne]
The bed is where I belong
[Sorry boss, I'm ill]
Work will be done
Just without me.
Chandy May 2020
Brings out passivity
Passed the threshold of care
Hold on to this thought
For it's all that we got.
Chandy Nov 2022
We've all got a job
Yet we always feel robbed
Satisfaction never stays until the end of days
One man can have the will of thousands
Only two hands to push the weight of the world
Needs no compass, creating an atlas
Life in their own hands, what divides them from a fascist?
Proverbial attacks for being an architect
How can one ant carry an apple?
How can one man conquer their criteria?
All dreams end, yet the meaning persists
Waking up, getting out
But for who? You? Them? Me?
The truth is often what we never want it to be
How can one cure division when the conversation is slipping?
Running out of solutions
So they answer with silence
Chandy Feb 2021
Words are forgotten
Actions are remembered
Hence why the most change
Comes after disaster
Chandy Feb 2020
Why give life?
Humans breed all destruction
Drift through space
Make even more
Population bursting out
Some are nice
Most are aggravating
Why give life?
Want a child?
There's plenty of them
Wishing for a home
Three meals given through love
Not systematic necessity
Why stop with people?
There's so much that already exists
Let's all stop
Why give life?
Chandy Nov 2020
Philosophy is antiquity
But much like the past
We must remember it well.
Chandy Jun 2020
In an apathetic world
Covered up with a shirt
Stitched together with pandemonium
Chandy Sep 2021
Death of life
Death of nature
Death of standards
Deaf to the world's cry
If no one cares
Why should I?
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