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Celaena Apr 25
I hope we're friends until we die.
And then, we stay ghost friends and Walk through walls and scare the **** out of people.
Celaena Apr 23
Its called soul searching
But cant find it somewhere
I could feel my heartbeat tho
Celaena Oct 2018
A week of pain
Thought I had gain
I'm still lost in the lane
All I want is simple and plain
Deliverance deliverance deliverance
Free me from battle game
  Oct 2018 Celaena
nightmares and demons
creeps in the dark
lurks in my bed, in my head
pills, they gave me pills
to make them go away
oh doctor, your prescribed
medicines don’t help
the monsters are at bay
sometimes they are quiet
but fck, they never go away
the medicines don’t help
  Oct 2018 Celaena
strawberry fields
i crashed somewhere
your barren heart’s desert—
buried in sand
  Oct 2018 Celaena
If no one wants to love you
Don't get yourself down

No one needs to love you
For you to spread around

And if no one wants to kiss you
Don't tear yourself down

No one needs to kiss you
To put a smile on your frown

If no one here will miss you
Don't break yourself down

No one needs to miss you
For you to be around

If no one here will hold you
Don't get yourself down

No one needs to hold you
For you to stand your ground
Celaena Oct 2018
It's so frustrating to know how fake someone is ,yet everybody still loves them because they put on a good show.
He was born to be an actor
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