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Rob Feb 12
meet me at the edge of love
we’ll stand at the threshold of bliss
propelled by a force that could blast through steel ten feet thick

let the ambers of forgotten dreams still longing among the stars come rushing back at the promise just one more step

that perfect skip on the stillest pond held forever in the pages of time still resonating this love so divine
Rob May 2022
with untethered anchor my compass points to the uncharted waters of destiny

oh the beauty of what could be, embracing the light in front
of me

when the night get cold and the fog horn blows there’s a distant lighthouse that glows

as stormy seas besiege and the high surf obscures the light, I fall inward searching for the light to safe harbour

it is here I will transfer my flag to the doves wing for this mystical journey I’ve charted to the stars
Rob May 2022
alI I see and all I think is drenched in imagery translated through word painting this canvas of life

some words pierce the depths and some remain naked in their attempt as I’m pulled to where I’m going and pushed from where I’ve been
riding a river that’s been painted
for me

if I awoke tomorrow in the absence of words I wonder what would I see, how would I navigate the sound of the sea

would I feel the cosmos unfolding through a flower or a tree, would your smile still set me free
Rob Nov 2021
feast on this very moment before it slips into the arrow of time, unchain the past - let it breathe

peel away the layers, let stillness fill the void

while the philosopher ponders, the warrior yields to peace and the troubadour plays on

in this moment you are boundless you are free
Rob Sep 2020
sometimes my soul bleeds in the night

sometimes there’s a stillness so fragile so right - captured in an unfolding moment of life

sometimes thought obscures the well where I bask in a sea of warm flowing light

sometimes structure in my mind gives way, where left meets right geometry takes flight, creating a prism of colours blending logic with the light

sometimes a poem takes flight
Rob May 2020
I drew a picture in my mind, an artist would weep at something so fine

I see you in everything, the curvature of your line

such beauty in your simplicity, such
symmetry in space and time

always there in everything sublime
Rob Apr 2020
the sound of a distance train echoes a call through the midnight rain

I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s
soulful just the same

like Van Morrison playing something slow, or the broken heart that helped me grow

a dance of randomness cradled in love, the weight of thunder high above

a destination without end,
poetry in motion until it meets land’s end
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