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Rob Sep 10
sometimes my soul bleeds in the night

sometimes there’s a stillness so fragile so right - captured in an unfolding moment of life

sometimes thought obscures the well where I bask in a sea of warm flowing light

sometimes structure in my mind gives way, where left meets right geometry takes flight, creating a prism of colours blending logic with the light

sometimes a poem takes flight
Rob May 19
I drew a picture in my mind, an artist would weep at something so fine

I see you in everything, the curvature of your line

such beauty in your simplicity, such
symmetry in space and time

always there in everything sublime
in awe of the equation - Pi
Rob Apr 28
the sound of a distance train echoes a call through the midnight rain

I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s
soulful just the same

like Van Morrison playing something slow, or the broken heart that helped me grow

a dance of randomness cradled in love, the weight of thunder high above

a destination without end,
poetry in motion until it meets land’s end
Rob Mar 23
take me back to the endless shore,
where I can lay my head and
search no more

turning my sail to the wind I’ll
follow the dove, keeping the faith
it’s a journey of love

if the winds give way I’ll man
the oars, I miss those days
on the endless shore

I’m not turning back I’ve come to
far, played hopscotch with shadows
latent with scars

not until I was broken did I find the
door, going to lay my head
and search no more
Rob Mar 11
she rides like the wind,
she’s riding for them

stillness whispers to the
coming dawn ...time ...time
to be moving on

sometimes gentle, feeling the
warmth of mornings grace

sometimes forceful, thunder
penetrating the space

such purpose in motion
the miles roll-on

embraced by love, she
sings their song

she rides like the wind,
she’s riding for them
Rob Feb 29
my heart won’t let my mind
forget, that beautiful stillness
when we met

I questioned if it was really
there, it’s still with me after
all these years

always strongest when I’m
calm, seamlessly flowing
through my palms

I breathe it in and carry-on
Rob Feb 28
why could I sense a stillness
beyond fear beyond tears

an awareness of wisdom beyond
thought a realization that all I would
ever know was already known
only to be realized

maybe it was armour for all the battles
I’ve yet to fight
the fears I would have to face
the truths I would have to mine
the losses I would have to bare
the acceptance I would have to find

maybe the beauty I’ve yet to see
the love I’ve yet to feel
the paths I’ve yet to walk
the life I've yet to live

still in awe of that moment when I was
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