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Bumble Aug 2019
Death is alive
In my head
He’s one of my tenants
Taking up the most space
i could lie and say i like it like that
Bumble Aug 2019
Why can’t everyone see
That love
Is a disease
No medicine
Can ever cure
i’m confused
Bumble Aug 2019
I saw my self
Killing myself
In my sleep
don’t **** your dreams, kids
Bumble Aug 2019
He stood there in front of me
Stared intently at me
Great pity was adorned in his eyes,
And finality in his goodbyes.
My throat is getting dry
From my inexistent cries

He cannot see that
My silence was screaming for his name
Asking him why
Calling him to turn around
Begging him to look at me,
And love me back again

That day,
I can see the sun smiling
The flowers were too beautiful,
The butterflies felt excited,
The trees were almost breathing
The pretty girl he came with
Was waiting.
how i wished it rained
  Aug 2019 Bumble
Leo Janowick
If a writer
Falls in love with you
       you can never
  Aug 2019 Bumble
You held the paper
between you lips
and inhaled

I've never
Been so jealous
Of a cigarette
It should have been me
Bumble Aug 2019
She drank the night away
And her hips started to sway
To the melody that you like
Even though it wasn’t her type

In her mind, this night for sure
She will work up her courage
And tell you more

Your favorite song is nearing it’s end,
She gathered her guts inside her head
Walked t’wards you — halted
The instant you caught her eye,
A woman came by,
Snared you in her arms,
along with her chance

If only she was a little bolder
If only she was a little older
She wouldn’t be feeling so blue
And search the warmth of another you.
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