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 Sep 2019 Bumble
 Sep 2019 Bumble
For all the sleepless nights
Underneath a ceiling
Of plaster stars
For every lonely day
With with only nurses
To keep you company
For every IV
For every EKG
For every single test
And teary eyed sentence
For every scar
For every pill
For every bullet
And every gun
There is someone
In an identical hospital bed
There is someone
Who aches the same

For every heart that breaks
There's another one healing
You are not alone
We are not alone
You will get through this. You will be okay.
 Sep 2019 Bumble
Luna Maria
I want to pour
the overwhelming amount of
out of my heart
as a
sticky, pure red liquid
and use it as an ink
to write a love poem
as an attempt to
describe what I feel
for you.
you are making me feel things I've never felt before.
 Sep 2019 Bumble
sandra wyllie
for all that thinking
your liver's damaged
from all that drinking
Your heart’s too broken
from all the hurting
your arms too stretched
from all that reaching
your spirit squashed
from all that trying
still morning comes
again, you’re rising
Today's a little bit different than usual;
my mind feels dreamy to clouds above my head;
my tummy feels like bursting with butterflies;
I might've been embraced by someone from afar.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

12 of 365
 Aug 2019 Bumble
 Aug 2019 Bumble
Simula pa lang alam kong ako ay talo
Tumuloy pa din dahil sa tigas ng ulo
Sinunod ang puso at nagpadala sa agos
Hinayaang  malunod sa tamis ng sandali

Isang araw nagising ako sa aking mga luha
Naalalang kahapon pala natapos ang lahat
Mga paa natin ay humakbang sa magka-ibang direksyon
Lumingon at tinanaw ang anino **** lumalakad palayo

Ang dulo ng iyong daan ay sa kanya patungo
Sa simula pa lang ay sya na ang iyong dulo
Ang tayo ay sandaling hintuan lamang
Kung saan nagpalitan ng masasayang tawanan

Ang katotohanang hindi natin tinakasan,
Walang dapat palayain dahil kahit kailan hindi ka naging akin
At ngayon ito na ang ating realidad
Hanggang dito na lang at hindi na pwedeng dugtungan.
 Aug 2019 Bumble
Chynell Janai
Give me a good mind ****

I promise you I’m easy to please

I’m craving that dictation

And you seem like you’re willing to tease

Don’t be afraid to use your mouth

Get me wet with that wordplay

Bless me with that brain

It’s the best form of foreplay

I like how the language just roll off your tongue

You know how to make it nasty

So you must be the one

And I’m not one to stroke an ego

you gave my logic a good lick

Just let me bend into a position

To perform them mind tricks

Before you lay it down  

I need mental stimulation, good conversation

Lets share intellect

I know you got that good education

I’m due for a good mind ****

You know I’m easy to please

So Stroke me with that diction

I’m ready to be teased
I fell
in love
and I thought
every storm
is beautiful-
until I saw
it ended
I pull out words
As if they were

Exposing the gummy center
And tarred lies

The extraction leaves some

Empty socket waiting to be
Its other half

Can lethargic scribbles
On a porcelain
Lift this leaden heart
To dance to a swifter

Maybe tomorrow,
But not Today.

So don't focus on results
Instead train yourself to

**** these thoughts,
I'll rest this weary

Inspiration may be
Sound asleep in my
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