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Bumble Sep 2019
They say we aren't made for each other.
So tell me how to get to the cosmos,
tell me your zodiac,
let's show them that we'll make it
and defy what the stars are saying.
we choose our own destiny
Bumble Sep 2019
I miss the nights you used to hold me in your arms,
the way you say “good night” assures me from any harm;
missed the way how the sun touches your face every morning,
the way you search for my warmth in these sheets,
and wrinkle your face when I’m out of reach,
I miss the way you sang “good morning” in my ear,
with the scent of your favorite coffee hanging in the air.

I hate that now you’ll only be a memory
Even though you’re already a part of me.
I wish she’d bring you happiness,
The way I believed I did
When we used to be so free and happy,
in this now lonely bed.
i miss u
Bumble Sep 2019
I was drunk—
and I made you my muse.

Now that I’m sober—
I wanna marry my poems.
i hate being sober
  Sep 2019 Bumble
sandra wyllie
for all that thinking
your liver's damaged
from all that drinking
Your heart’s too broken
from all the hurting
your arms too stretched
from all that reaching
your spirit squashed
from all that trying
still morning comes
again, you’re rising
Bumble Aug 2019
Your hands in my thighs
while we drive through the city lights.
I wonder if it’s alright?

Your hands are in my waist
while we kiss the night away,
whispering “this is where I wanna be”;
I wonder if it’s alright?

Your words of affection
are leaving me in a trance.
I can’t go back,
can’t breakthrough,
You have someone that loves you
the way that I do,
I wonder if it’s alright?

I’m slipping through my beliefs
All for the love you give
I wonder if it’s alright
To love you like this.
Bumble Aug 2019
Death felt lonely
So he starts seeking company
In my mind is where he stays
Seeking comfort in my positive rays
can’t say no
  Aug 2019 Bumble
For I am always mourning the loss of the life I could’ve led.

The music I could’ve played.

The love I could’ve had, and given.

The light I would’ve beamed, from the knowledge, that I have it.

I have the laughter flowing free, awaiting the moment to burst out of my chest.

The feeling of utter peace created the trust I’ve innocently lain in my everlasting happiness.

The same happiness that has ever so caused me the pain, and sadness, that only comes with loss.
The loss of the life that I will never have.
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