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Bibek Aug 2017
A comfortable bed, with the fine touch of feathers,

The warmth of heaven, where my body would meander,

I could dream of anything, anything at all
Of beauty, of lust, of bliss, of all
Of happiness I have always wanted to clasp
But with these worn-out hands, povery is all I can grasp

I can dream of nature, that is wishing to pass through me
Of the tying clouds, with each turn turning gloomy

My hands can wrap over all of the flowers
Each of their petal, with my touch in delight
But with my shattered eyes, all I can give them is fright

Only in my sleep, I become a dreamer
While I am awake, I feel worse than the reaper

My scent disgusts even the winds
That break upon me
Like my shattered dreams

And though my dreams and my comforts are all in a nap
The stale street and its cold is all I can have
A poem on poverty and a person's resentment over his conditions
What the society thinks of him and what he thinks of himself
Bibek Aug 2017
Eat me up, will you?
For your love will be eating me bit by bit
Till there is nothing left of me to keep
Like the darkness falling
Failing to cling to existance
In the brilliance of the day
But I wont fall like darkness
I might fail, not fall
Each of your words drug me into thinking
You've been loving me without blinking
But I have come to realize
It is just a stare dark and cold
A sign that you
Loving me dear my life is being sold
To you
A poem on the venoms of loving and not being loved, caring but not being cared after
Bibek Aug 2017
The lights, they play beautifully
Upon the canvas of the horizon sinking wholly
In the blend of twilight
The city afar only seen as colourful dots
Bleaching the eyes with lots
And lots of colours that are still
But moving in the artful manifestation of the waters

Everything that matters
The heaven,the clouds, even the still lights
Are conveyed to my sight
And I as an alien figure judge their might
For I can never be one of them
A poem on a extravagance of the foreign and the feeling of an outcast
Bibek Aug 2017
How can I possibly forget
Your presence
When your head always is on my chest
When you are a family for my heart
And not just a guest

— The End —