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Mon De vie Jul 2017
I’m drowning my love
Take me to Mercury

I know you're sorry
So, take me to Mercury.
Where stars are stone
And not
Your eyes

My Love
Carry me to Mercury.
It's too small.
Just for me.
But of course
There will always be a room
For you
But not for three.

Take me to Mercury.
To be blue in worry.
Don’t leave me in Earth
Green with envy.  

Pull aside
To Mercury.
I promise you
I’ll be okay
Leave me
In Mercury.
One of those days
  Jun 2016 Mon De vie
Michael L
Broken things require glue
Turn around that's you

Don't stand by and watch me break
This world needs NOT another fake

Take a moment to embrace me
Your touch will set me free

Pure hands infuse humanity
Deliver it just for my sanity

There is no mistaken identity
Inside you is my serenity

One touch ... a basic need I concede
My ache is now full speed

Do not make me beg
Press in and heal my plague

Today I ooze of selfishness
You are familiar with my reticence

Guilt draws near and whispers
Push past its tiny embers

My need today transcends
Straight from you, no bends

I lay curled up in a ball
Listen, do you hear my call

From you, I plead one task
One touch ... *it's all I ask
Some days I just need a touch to know that I am still living!
  Jun 2016 Mon De vie
Spenser Bennett
Sand chokes my sea blue eyes
Heat like waves invite Delusion's rise
My wandering soles worn to pride
But I won't give up on paradise

'Cuz I know
There's an angel waiting
To welcome me to the oasis
And I know
I can make it to your cool shoreline and
I won't waste this, my new horizon

There's the ocean just overhead
I'm not dreaming, no, I'm not dead
I'm just hoping for a splash of rain
Some clouds to wash away Thirst's looming dread

I'm collapsing and it's not enough
I'll be buried before the sun is up
And you will never know if
I truly loved you or if this was all a bluff

'Cuz you know
I'm no angel gracing
St. Peter's golden grating
And you know
I don't know to give up my hallucination and
return to your old foundation

I may die with my bones
Exposed in blistered sunlight
But in my hand
there'll be an old photo
Of you and I
Mon De vie Jun 2016
I am sorry.

Three words
  Eight letters.
Times two
It tells another story.
It's not about how many times you can say "I am sorry."
It's how many times you prove that you do because words are nothing without actions.
So, save your sorry for another story.
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