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Feelings for you have fallen so far
that I can't even tear it apart
It hurts so much, can't take it anymore
Just **** myself, love you no more

Please tell me of how you feel
For I won't have to make an appeal
It bleeds so much, I cried everyday
I won't stand a chance, he will take you away
I have thought that money can buy everything
But I can't buy your love,
Your time,
Your attention,
Your kindness,
So I stop this stupidity of using money to buy everything.
You're lucky if I care for you,
You're lucky if I show you my bad side,
You're lucky if I am your friend,
I'm lucky for I have loved you.
Love is unpredictable,
It would just appear out of nowhere,
And would beat at a wrong person,
Your friend's crush.

It's hard to love someone that your friend already loved,
If I also loved that person,
It would tear our friendship,
Yeah, it really is hard
If I die, will you cry for me?
If I die, will you miss me?
If I die, will you forget me?
If I die, will you still love me?
Dying is never an option for an easy escape
The time we spent together is like a Fireworks,
It will disappear quickly
but the Moments we have spent together
will remain always in our Hearts
I want you here by my side
Not to have someone to console me
But to have someone to cry with
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