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When you want their soul,
What personality they take on,
As their life's special tole,
Look into their eyes.
Of course,
I am basing this off of somebody,
But this is for everybody
Gift this following to a person you like:
Eyes so precious,
Even on the inside luscious,
I wouldn't take a brush to this,
Your already art,
A sculpture in part,
You make anyone whole,
Make their heart beat from the start,
A shard of glass,
Giving the sun pass,
And outshine a rainbow,
Stream of joy from head to toe,
You make my jaw drop,
From the top to bottom,
A work of fiction,
Imagination's beauty,
The imperfect
Yet perfect,
I don't know when valentines day is, but I hope I am not too late.  Btw, I want to practice, so tell me a topic you'd want me to write about in the comments.
Here was a test,
And here was my failure.
As my random grows stronger,
And my kindness goes paler.
People I knew,
I considered friends,
Two kids who were nice,
Friendly in deep ends,
I said something terrible.
I feel guilty,
It's unbearable.
It made more then one thing crack,
My voice and my hope with one wack,
It's one thing I lack,
I must think before I say.
Though I don't get better anyway,
So skip from day to day,
It's why I say I try,
Because when I promise I will,
I'm singing an old lie,
I did come to cry,
Give my life a sigh.
'Cause I said something racist.
And I don't know why.
I ruin my own social life.
Burning in my throat,
Burning in my chest.
Is it just my guilt?
Or am I not at my best?
Lots of mistakes,
Lots of regrets.
I keep making more,
A failure in the wets.
Never drying up.
Still sensitive as a droplet.
Falling into a hole.
Dug by what will follow it.
But I fight to not wallow in it,
Otherwise I might drown.
I only stay heartless.
Or angry,
Just not a frown.
I'll never get better as usual.  Just like that singer, who nobody likes her when she's doing better, you know?  Gotta be entertaining.
It's shiver.
It's a spur.
Some cure.
Good sir.
Hello madam.
I'm a child.
Much to wild.
Thought I was mild.
I thought ridiculous.
When I said insane.
But now there is,
Something wrong with my brain.
Casausing any respect,
To just be pain.
It's taking reign.
The lazy.
The original.
Becoming worse.
And closing as main.
Taking control,
Of I what I had stole,
Tried to fix,
Now it just licks,
Teasing the end.
I tried to stop,
No more depend
But now I have sunk,
Into the deep end.
I don't think I can fend.
I tried to defend,
Any progress I'd made,
But now to others,
I just offend,
What is been paid,
My effort,
Small bit of sanity,
Now it's debt.
My mind decomposing.
Reasoning opposing.
****** context corroding.
No more coding.
No more to help.
I am out of what I need.
I don't know what it is.
The sanity I no longer bleed?
The voice I didn't feed?
My mind is hazy.
You can really call me crazy,
Cause I really feel it breaking,
No longer stopping forsaking.
I can't stop faking.
The lies will continue raking.
The stories continue taking.
No more trust.
I am now in rust.
I hurt.
The only people who may have liked me,
Probably felt bad for me.
That's most likely.
A lot of people,
May think I am just a steeple,
Something to have crumble,
Climb over,
To meet actual people.
I ruin any social contact.
Where did I sign,
Can I burn the contract?
I don't like this.
It was worthless.
Doomed from the beginning.
You can insert this.
Into a record of the failures.
I don't need friends.
I need to leave.
Only believe.
In my imagination.
I can't escape,
What is me.
I hope my classmates see this.
I apologise.
For the trouble I caused.
I'll never get better.
I want to stay paused.
Because only then,
Can people accept me,
So I am sorry.
I wish I was better.
But it was done long ago.
The tendrils in stone.
I am irratation to the bone.
Hide me in a cone.
Never contact me,
I am used to it.
Don't need you to phone.
I'd rather stay alone.
Dependent on who?
Dependent on you.
What you ask me too,
I will most likely do.
Depending on trust.
Once again fussed.
I am still bad at it,
Still being mad at it.
Because I don't get it.
From people or reason.
And if it's fair,
It feels like treason.
People don't trust me.
Especially my peers.
It doesn't bring me to tears,
But it is one of my fears.
That I will never hangout.
And without much doubt,
Be in relationship.
Because it's not what I am about.
Or it is really,
But most people would not appeal to me.
Not even have a feel to me.
Only if they feel bad,
Would they ever want to steal to me.
I think I get it.
I still get offended.
When people insult me,
I have no need to be salty,
Because I have already told myself,
What I could say to someone else.
Call me depressed,
But I'm just trying,
Trying to understand,
Why stuff comes round,
Just like a rubber band,
Choking on sand,
Some times it's rough,
And it may make me tough,
But that won't help me enough.
All these problems,
Trust is a real bust,
It always is in rust.
For anyone I friend,
I don't have the must.
Trust, friends, relationships...not my favorite thing.
I do some weird things.
I say some weird things.
I am bored and looking for a reaction.
My habits floored and looking for a faction.
I haven't had anyone to hang out with since I was seven.
And that best friend was exiled when I was eleven.
So now I wait.
Ponder what it would be like in heaven.
Then I state.
I am annoying and irritating, disgusting and rude.
Smart alic, stupid, and never really a dude.
I wish I was better, not so crude.
But I have not pushed past my limits,
So I stay in a feud.
Each thing I do only in a mood.
I have no real friends,
Problems without that being pursued.
I mean I have nobody I hang out with.
Probably nobody who to me wouldn't have a doubt with.
I think I can just go without this.
But I don't know if this loneliness is what I am about with.
I try to talk an make jokes.
Yet I am not funny, and my ideas are just yolks.
I am not relate-able.
Just debatable.
And for most people.
Disliked and seen as unstable.
Hard to make friends, too lazy to keep friends.
I have multiple personalities.
I am not saying this as a belief,
More than it is reality.
Each one,
Has their own actuality.
I chose one.
To be my true normality.
I may not be in the state the most,
But it's the only one I can boast,
Where I can be somewhat positive.
I think it's better than my most.
It's when I am calm,
And in my best mood.
At this time,
I am usually never rude.
Kindness and happiness.
Is finally pursued.
Nobody knows me at my best.
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