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 Sep 2018 Hannah Marr
Never did I imagine myself
living so lonely

That my friends have slowly become
my plants
stray cats
the stars

and the sky

I never imagined
this life
for us

Wherever it takes us
let us hear the rain
survive the heat
and cold

I won't promise
I don't hope

I just want to grow closer
over time

Make memories
for distant days
my eyes
like bullet holes
in the side of
car windows
waking up
in someone else’s life
in someone else’s bed
and I dream of escape
but they’ve taken my legs
and restricted my jurisdiction
to four tiny light blue walls
that drive me mad and
imprisoned me
inside a prison
inside a prison
inside infinite prisons
like a Martyoshka doll
with an open door policy for
violence but limiting my
freedom of expression to
cover up these walls with
anything that interests me
but I guess that’s the way
the world works, anything
interesting is prohibited and
beating you senseless is
encourage so may never
know who you are or what
you’re doing or what you’ll
become but if there’s
a little blue sun that shines
on the luck of chance and
it comes to you naturally,
know it, take it and run with it
like you’re being chased by
cannibalize headhunters
because you never know
when it’ll come back, if ever,
and sitting here now
thinking of Havana
realizing that I’m still here
in this reoccurring nightmare
of unnecessary difficulty
I’d appreciate a simple pleasure
like ******* on a mosquito
that’s resting in the ******
 Aug 2018 Hannah Marr
Zach Gomes
White flakes touch the street—
Their millions melt, dying
The way they were born.

She blinked, shaking the
Snowflakes from her eyelashes,
And blushed like summer.

A two-step blizzard
Waltzes in the windy air—
Winter masquerades.

In the darkness, steps
Crunch and echo in the snow,
Miles away from me.

The buildings weather
The snow, but everything else
Crumbles under white.

After the snow, trees
Like middle-aged heads of hair
Became old and grey.

The hot chocolate
Stains my teeth, which once were
White like today’s snow.
 Aug 2018 Hannah Marr
Jason James
I used to move mountains
A grain of sand at a time,
Control the winds and the clouds and the rains with my mind
Speak in thunder and punctuate with lightning.
I used to be a King
A god.

I used to be invulnerable
Yet humble,
My very words
Could control people's free will and matter.

I used to be a prophet,
A preacher
A saviour
A warrior in God's command.

The red right hand.

I used to be a lover
A parent not just a father,
I used to be healthy and fit.

I used to light righteous fires and break sacreligious glass.

Keep Holy communion,
Attract both men and women with my spirit.

I used to be one with all things,
A light in the darkness
The heir to the throne
A face in the crowd
Self assured but not too proud.

And now
I am once more mortal
And meek,
Rejected by this world and its' ways.

I gave the keys to the kingdom away
But not my welcome.

And hopefully they now rest in the hands of the mythical phoenix,
The next beautiful spirit to carry the torch
The saved girl born annew as an earthly diety,
So much like me
Though we
Have been long destined to be apart
Each missing a piece of their heart
That we may never truly rest.

My best years are behind me
Gone is my prime
And my time on this earth slowly comes to it's now inevitable end.

And I wonder if she
Will be able to save them
Now that the world no longer rests within
The palm of my hand.
 Aug 2018 Hannah Marr

by a dying sun,
lovers embraced
the synergy of one.

morph into one …
to the
of the compliant

azure pools reflect
tie-dyed denim sky,
enchanted dreamers
their love with a kiss nearby.

stars confetti
emptiness of space.
as darkness descends,
swallow all of the light’s trace.

pauses …
time seems to stand so still
the depths of their very souls,
they swim.

 Jul 2018 Hannah Marr
Jason James
The past has passed,
Let the rest begin
That leads to the end.

Alone with these memories,
At home with regrets
Devoid of dreams
And hope for the future
Far beyond tears
Fear any change.

I fell into their trap
And now I am stuck here
Waiting for the world to pass judgement.

Left wondering what the sacrafices were for.
The world around me growing more brutal everyday
I hide within the walls of my home
And spend my days alone.

Such a mercy for a dreamer to die
Before the dreams themselves fade away.
But the dreams have died
Yet I remain,
Let the rest begin
That leads to the end.
 Jul 2018 Hannah Marr
Jason James
I chose to be a soldier in this war

No surprise I'm now wounded.

Broken heart
Broken spirit
And everyday I long for home.

I'm sorry I left you alone
But at the same time I am not.

I lay here dying slowly
For a war
Thats purpose has been nearly forgotten by all who fight it.

A misfit amongst my own regiment,
But the war is far from over.

I cannot forget what it was I was fighting for when this whole thing started.
Lead the best life you can
Without me
Since I departed.

But I must soldier on.
Only death or victory shall bring me home.
To ****
Or to die alone in a foreign field all too familiar.

Remember me
And the sacrifice I made for God and for country.

I hope this letter finds you well.
War is hell.
But I still count myself amongst the breathing,
Leaving you was the last leaving I'll ever do
Save for this world.

It's war after all,
And we claim our pyrrich victory
Or we fall
And all
Of this
Was for nothing.
i wonder, at what age
you became out of my reach;
i wonder, if i even
tried reaching for you

i know that history leaves its mark on everyone
(but not many have been hurt by the tracks
left behind in the dirt
like you have)

you can sit there for days, weeks, months
while we contemplate your fate,
tossing the choices in our hands
like dice

you hear the word expendable
mumbled in countless conversations
and wonder, at what age
you became in our reach

you think of the family you left behind
and hope they will find their way to tennessee
to a better life that is  
quiet. peaceful.

will they miss your selflessness;
your keen, incisive way with words;
the bumps and hills of your rough skin;
the smell of your perfume?

i miss your evergreen smile;
your poetry;
your skin against mine;
the wonder in your eyes
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