Shayla Jade
Shayla Jade
Oct 16, 2014

My words have just been ramblin',
I left the rhyming state of mind.
The ace of spades is gamblin',
but the rabbit's now on time.

Elevator going down,
catching buses to the sound.
How do I know that I am late?
Time exists in spite of fate.

We're racing, now, against the clock
in circles, 'round the spokes.
I've forgotten how the ticking tocks,
for the gears have been long broke.

Darlin', won't you take my hand?
They're try'na pull you under and
together we can leave this land,
but you must know just where you stand.


This shortcut leads to trouble,
but you'll get there on the double.
Bad ideas, I've had a couple;
my shattered thoughts within the rubble.

Broken fragments of my mind,
my fate's aligning just in time.
To the past, I'm disinclined;
looking down an uphill climb.


You're sending me a message
about the faithfulness of love;
the white rabbit left me breathless,
I still don't know what you speak of.

"I chose you, please choose me, too?"
I'm running, but I don't know what to.
I've fallen down the rabbit's hole,
into a world without console.

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna ha
Karunakar  Saroj
Karunakar Saroj
Aug 3, 2014

I bow to Lotus Feet, which gives me eternal peace
I am incomplete without your compassion
you healed my heart when it was thrown and shattered
you picked me up when I struggled to get through
you gave me hope when it seemed so out of reach
I am nothing without you

Where ever I go, found not alone
your glorious touch was always with me
Nectar drop of Gita, feels presents of yours
O! my Lord Krishna show me the light on my path

your Flute stirs the Universal Consciousness
And Gita enchants the Transcendental Consciousness
O! Lord of the whole Universe, Omnipotent Master of all
Grant me a glimpse of Thyself,Be pleased to come and live inside me                                            

-----------------------------------: :---------------------------------

By : Karunakar Saroj

(In the love of Lord Krishna)

“hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare”

#krishna   #hare   #rama  
and a hare tears off
May 29, 2015

a vibration in the air
and a hare tears off
fields flying up to a door, ajar
and the music nobody listened to
when God was in the detail

#poetry   #god   #spring   #hare  
Me here and between us the hare,
Jul 26, 2015

Here we are now, you there,

Me here and between us the hare,

Mowed down, hit and run,

And it reminded me gently

Of all those things that we've done.

The air breezed past, clouds puffed,

The night sky a murky breath of smoke -

The knife in your hand or was it in mine?

Details fuzz, that unheard soliloquy

And the vengeful sea that she cried.

We buried the hare where we buried them,

And we did so with care as you should,

And it confused them more than we ever did hope,

When they uncovered body after body and the hare.

Blood, the crimson magma of life,

It stains innocence with harsh reality.

Shuffling, handcuffed, we smiled.

Appalling, the judge brought down his hammer.

Jailed for life. I laughed. We took more than one.

But hide it away now, what we did.

Burglary figures are down,

Drug dealing's being dealt with,

And the hares spring through the fields

Eternally and inevitably towards the roads

An old poem, reworked
#life   #murder   #homicide   #hare  
The Hare and The Turtle
Harold r Hunt Sr
Jul 16, 2014

The Hare and The Turtle
The hare and the turtle were in a race.
No one was there to set the pace,
The hare took the lead we did see.
With the turtle far behind.
We we all know the story
But what you don't know is how the hare won the race.
He won by a hare when driving a Ford.

Miss E R
Miss E R
Apr 20, 2014

My eyes search
the navy air
but are unable to
depict the
soft features of the rabbits
loping tentatively
through patchy glebe.

I wish it was spring with
bright white fruits.
Just ripe.
Not summer, because 
in the summer we cloy 
under the fat cream trees.

I want to see you,
and the wild hares,
but the twilight's 
its secrets from us.

Went on an evening walk yesterday in the evening and there were lots of rabbits but it was too dark to see them properly! It inspired this.
#summer   #spring   #trees   #field   #air   #secrets   #evening   #rabbit   #navy   #rabbits   #hares   #twilight  
Jhan Dolo
Jhan Dolo
Sep 27, 2014

Lose yaself I lost myself
Passin' notes but class I failed
That's a kno yu ask yaself
Fast or slow a Rabbit-Snail

#animal   #here   #rabbit   #snail   #hare  
*A single red hare*
Nov 27, 2011

Runs through a sunbeam.
A single red hare
Burning the ground he dashes past.
A single red hare
Jumps to the sky
And the ground creates a crater.
A single red hare
Flies through the forest—
Every tree aflame.
When he goes through the forest
He gives the trees their dance.
A single red hare
Dives into a black hole
In the ground
Looking for a wall
To break the barrier
Of hell.

Poor Wee Hare
jeremy wyatt
jeremy wyatt
Apr 14, 2011

Poor Wee Hare

Poor wee Hare at the side of the road
deid on the side wi yon dirt
ye should be lain on a bed o flooers
as ye faded so awfy hurt

A car must have hit yer  span yer roon
his lichts did blin ye gaze
ye didnae even see yon doom
cut doon frae ye free running days

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