Runaway Train
Runaway Train
4 days ago

Heavy is the heart that carries him.
Drowning are the lungs that swim in his beauty.
Fragile are the fingers through which time slips fast.
Silent is the horizon.
Blue tinted and red stricken in the sky.
Purple is the drink.
Somber slumber overtakes her weary bones.
Dangerous are her dreams, for they do one of two things.
Deadly are her nightmares, of bullets and back lash.
Tainted is the beauty of her deepest desires, displayed in her subconscious.
Fractal is the universe, of which she is a speck of star dust.
Drawing near is the end of her dealing.

#love   #depression   #nature   #trash  
PJ Poesy
PJ Poesy
5 days ago

How I precipitate within and around
trash to steam factory's super chimneys
Ideas ejaculating
amongst rising glow of cantaloupe colored sky
And why am I?

Beholden to a notion
of fanciful or foolish, concept of nuptials
puffing pother  
or why bother to effuse such rubbish encumbrance
Trouble sweats unease

Cold feet, that can't afford proper socks
know the sludging embankments
of Camden Crick (colloquialism of creek)
As it were, a driving force of elopement
An eschewal of plastic bottle heap

Knowing fictile landscapes
with condensations murky in skies,
chance entices
Grasping for refuge
from refuse

Pondering the good intention of an elopement. Reasoning a way out, or a way worthy.

This happened
Because it reminds him of his Augean contents
Contained in his broken, charming disguise?
Left now merely as a demise
Pulsating to release
The forgotten jigsaw piece
Blanketed by the tired creases
Under his weary, unprotected eyes.
Wrinkled beneath the coating.
Shivering in denial.
Trembling upon his silent confession,
Enhancing his light as a misguided weapon
This Aries flicker,
With a threat of no arrival,
Shakes upon the seed of combustion.
Planting a brand new plantation of ash...
I guess,
Sometimes new beginnings can lead to new endings
And land into the chasm of the world
Where little roots tangle and mangle
Strangled by impalpable trash.

#heartbreak   #suicide   #depression   #regret   #fire   #pain   #dark   #trash   #guilt   #void  

There was a vine
A flowered vine
Growing on a fence
Poking out the cracks

Someone cut them down
Wrangled them together
And tossed them
In the trash next to mine

Days later
In the middle of the night
Our garbage cans contents
Were pulled out
And scattered next to the ally

Night owl me,
Brought another bag
Found the mess outside
And put the 'waste'
Back in its place

The lid says "NO YARD WASTE"
So I left the abused plant
Where it fell
On the cold concrete sidewalk

With no sleep to show for
The sun rises
The tangled, cut,
Unwanted fence weed
Lay there in the light
Smiling purple blooms
In all their glory

They told me to tell their story

True story
#trash   #morning   #glory   #vine  

"you're trash"
you would say
as you smiled my way
with a look in your eye
that said
"boy, what a guy"
a wonderful look that said
"you're wonderful" instead
a look that froze time
and stopped my heart on a dime

"you're dumb"
you would mutter
and cause my heartbeat to stutter
with a look in your peeper
that said
"my, what a keeper"
a stupendous look that said
"i want you" instead
a look as powerful as it felt
that caused my cold heart to melt

#romance   #her   #trash  
Oct 31, 2016

I pulled the thick
18 x 24
bristol paper
out of the closet.
I had faced towards the wall
so I didn't have to look at it
when I took out the vacuum.
I haven't looked at it
in several months
not since you told me
you hated it.
That killed me
by the way.
I said I would destroy it,
but I didn't have the heart.
I loved it.
It was my favorite piece.
It was us.
So I put it away.
Today though,
today was the day
you threw me away.
Everything good
and worthwhile
inside me died today.
So I pulled it out of the closet
carried it
into the studio
and with tears
streaming down my face
I set it on the cold tile
sitting down by it
gripping the top
with both trembling hands.
I remember again
Reading your words
you hated something
I created from my love for you.
I began to rip
the expensive paper
crackling down the center
the same way I felt
ripped down the center
until I could
hear the paper.
You see,
you said you were never
good enough
but to me,
you were everything.
just like that painting.

#love   #broken   #lost   #thoughts   #trash   #artist   #worthless  
Oct 29, 2016

I became six of one
and a half dozen of the other
which was also the same either way
and the most listless "whatever"
said in only in a shoulder shrug.

594 days was all it took
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Oct 13, 2016

My friends and I
are forlorn fabrics
haphazardly stitched into a quilt.

Comprised of different textures and fabrics,
frayed at the ends,
rejected pieces meant for the trash,
not good enough for made-to-wear mall clothes.

My friends and I
fit like a puzzle
consisting of pieces from various other puzzles--
found under coffee tables,
between couch cushions,
tossed into the bowels of forlorn toy bins--
forming a collage of something
disoriented and ambiguous.

Crammed together,
smashing our appendages,
leaving crooked gaps,
wrinkled, torn, fucked up,
but feeling better here
than in our small contribution
to the bland image of our factory's design.

My friends and I,
outcasts, rejects, punks,
convening in the junkyard heap
where we dance and laugh among trash
that makes us feel clean.
Pure when we're filthy.

Quilts and puzzles,
to instill and befuddle;
trashy treasures.

#friends   #treasure   #trash   #pure   #puzzle   #junk   #rejects   #quilt   #outcasts   #punks  
Oct 8, 2016

Hello, you
Yes, you
Go to hell
In there you're well
Here's a finger
hope this lingers
For a person like you
destroying mood, all you do
Talk behind
like a coward blind
say small talks
trashing and stalks
Have you seen the trash can?
Oh, over there you stand
Say it one more time
Your breathe smells like swine
Go to hell
In there you're well
Goodbye to you
Yes, you

In life, we are blessed with trash by God. We accept and love them before they spit upon us like a coward beast. We have the freedom to say goodbye. The best part of goodbyes is when you have to give the finger up. :)
#hate   #betrayal   #people   #goodbye   #trash   #suckers  
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Oct 4, 2016

Our souls are extension cords
meandering through the junkyard heap
looking for an outlet.

#life   #soul   #trash   #earth   #eternity   #technology   #chaos   #discord   #electricity   #seek  
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