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“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit
13 hours ago

Senses lit by bulbs
The earth turns in its circle
Coloured rows of trumpets
Play out the changing days
Birds sing
And sunshine heralds the spring


Whee­ls spin
Cogs engage
Life is replenished and renewed
From within
Hearts warmed
Passions sealed
And sucklings gambol in the field.

  2d  Enandin
Mar 18

I want to lie with you
wrap up in a blanket
Lose my shyness
in a dark cocoon

I want to kiss with you
feel your hot hands
Make do, make dew
in a dark cocoon

I want to wish with you
hear you whisper
Refuge, refuge
in our dark cocoon.

inspired by the line
"and i want to sleep with you in the desert tonight"
by the eagles, "peaceful easy feeling"
  2d  Enandin
Mar 19

I was slow
at knowing
that the times
we can bat
our eyelids
are not infinite
and I remember
quite well
the way that I felt
on the day
that my brother
passed on
there was a mirage
of sound
late one evening
when the blind
eye of the moon
welled up
as I laced my boots
with sinew
and walked through
the darkness
to let the stars shine
on the blade
of my knife that cut
deep along
my lifeline
and the blood
from my palms
read like
the Psalms
of comfort that could
not find its way
through the hay
of the high
on that long night
not so
very long ago.

  2d  Enandin
Weeping willow
Weeping willow
2 days ago

Dreams drift as in a mist
My mind wanders through  
a light
where I find you
Looking in my direction
with that slight smile

We fall into grace

Like a waltz
We dance into love

Memories flow by on streams of light
of when we were young
My arms have missed you
Though my mind has never
left you
I try to caress your transparent face
that seems to drift within the fog
I hunger for your embrace
Though I only see a vapor of your outline
in the mist
Passing slowly by my arms
I reach in your direction
and you are gone

Dreams collide inside my mind
Nothings real
Except the hunger for younger years
When love seemed like it would never end
We touched upon a youthful wheel

As years left us
Suddenly turning into faces
we no longer recognized
Leaving our hearts and souls
We could be as once
we were
Where love collides
Bringing back our lives.

By Weeping willow

Dreams flow within the nighttime hours
Younger years still burn with desire.
Dreams run through like blood
in my veins
#love   #dreams   #thoughts   #hunger  
3 days ago

Squashed thoughts in ten words freed like flocks of birds

#10w   #tenwords  
3 days ago

I've been up
I've been down
I've seen my journey
Turn around

Been here
Been there
Looking back
It's all a blur

Heads held high
Sights kept low
Someone else
Always stole the show

Joining in
Or opting out
Never sure
Always doubt

One step forward
One step back
Another time
Another tack

Some say yes
Some say no
Some come
Others go

Life and love
Loss and pain
If I could
I'd do it again

Or would I?

#love   #life   #pain   #loss  
  Mar 14  Enandin


goddess rides the moon
glowing amorphous, with stars
sparking from her tail


(C) 3/13/2017


the moon is almost full tonight
but a light shadow of clouds swirl
bright star and little star
following beneath

#moon   #stars   #goddess   #diana  
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