Feb 25, 2017
Ed Coles
Ed Coles
7 days ago

Somewhere, amongst the debris
of cigarettes after sex,
chemicals to induce sleep,
I forgot what it means to love.

I forgot what it means to breathe,
to sit still, and just be.

Somewhere, beneath these hooded seams
of solitude and well-versed grief,
beats a heart less cynical,
less tamed by vague distraction.

My nervous ticks and bad habits,
line of best fit for a near-hit
of satisfaction:

This is not enough, I know.
This is not nearly enough
to cool the bray of life
that still rattles meaning in my bones.

I forgot what it means to love,
what separates a house from a home.

Somewhere beyond this thirst
for brand-new words
is a gratitude for all that has been.
Every cliché holds a truth.

Every sentiment, a cocoon,
that I should lie so still inside

until I am wholesome,
until I am new.

  Feb 24, 2017
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Feb 16

Many moons,
have passed over my headpiece,
as you leave me behind,
in moondust & ashes each night,

You collect on the bookshelves,
I keep here,
collecting on hearts with your light,
dusting my world with your beauty,
diminutives in bits of the white,

This is not the end of the journey,
 this a mere tiny part of the flight,
and I've not seen any more shiny,
or any star nearly as bright,

Though I am unable to see you now,
or touch your skin ever again,
or truly hear you with my ear,
I still miss you so my friend,

I know I cannot be near you now,
I cannot be where you are,
as you are but a twinkling light,
a brilliant & distant, star-

If it was not but for the moon dust,
my heart wouldn't,
be able to see you anymore either.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk inspired....and missing someone who has passed ❤ to you all! X - Ma Cherie!
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  Feb 23, 2017
6 days ago

My shadow is tired,
from pretending to be you
in this sick longing.

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  Feb 22, 2017
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone
6 days ago

The moon has spilled all
its star dust on the ground.
The left side of the world
says boo hoo too long.
I say to myself whats
the use of bothering.

All trees have become
allergic to their leaves.
The left side of the forest
can't stop spitting bark.
I say to myself all that
is just a bunch of noise.

The brass band has
broken all of their trumpets.
The left side of the cafe
all punch the air with care.
I say to myself you can't
sweep up life ain't fair.

The bombs have all gone to
bed except for one you know.
The left side of the shelter sit
to stomp their feet on the floor.
I say to myself this is where
action is flickering in fiction.

I'm stuck in my far right
corner feeling numb.
It's not at all my fight
but I am NOT dumb.
A tramp of inflammation
retreats in my lungs.

  Feb 21, 2017

You cannot break the broken, you can't live in the past, throw that memory away, you cannot let it stay, oh I wish I had the power to change every wasted hour, to knock down this growing tower under which I fearfully cower, in my ball of self regret.

                    I can remember:

                Tears that I have shed.

                 Lies that I have said.

                 Pain I have inflicted.

              Oh how I feel conflicted.

But know now this, for it is true, for all the things I can't undo, I'd never regret loving you.

No sleep = creativity, how does that work?
Oml this made the daily poem, thank you so much everyone!!
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  Feb 20, 2017
Midnight Rain

you are the hardest decision
i ever had to make

in all matters that include you,
my mind declares
war on my heart
and i am chaos


when it comes to choosing

Didn't expect this to get the daily but reading all your lovely comments really made my day. :) Thank you all so much <3
  Feb 19, 2017
Weeping willow

I carry you
in my heart
Dreams come alive
when I think of you
Drawing your face
in my mind
With a memory pencil
I sketch you alive
I hear laughter in your voice
Bringing tears to my eyes
Seeing you as though I could
touch your face
Inside the memory book
of grace
Mystical sounds of the past
now run through my mind
Memories lie inside my heart
where you come alive
Each flick of the page
that rolls through my mind
Brings emotions
The past gently skips me into life
Before the book closes
and your face eases back into the shadows
of night
Leaving me in the present
with vague memories of our life

By Weeping willow

Memories of loved ones,gone in a flash.So cherish each moment as you never know when death will call you aside;-\
Written for my Mother who passed away many years ago,but not forgotten.
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