Mar 23, 2017
Jamadhi Verse

I feel you as a ghost -- deeply close,
wed somewhere far within.
I feel you living, shimmering along
the static edge of my enduring spirit
in electric phosphorescence.
Where tender muscle and flesh
tether and mesh, latch and connect
with bone to construct a home --
create a fleeting vehicle for my soul
to navigate this immense cathedral of life.
To filter in perceptions and feel the power
of the physical light that pierces through
the colorful windows of the mandala of my mind.

It blooms into ceaseless fractals –
repetitive, reactive patterns built upon
the complex fragments of both you and I
combined, slicing through time, reverberating
outwards through expansive space.
We are an exalted eternity of opening
and collapsing gates to the never-ending
center of this unfathomable plane.

I feel you as a ghost -- so deeply close.
Where all philosophy fails to breach.
Resting secretly where neither brain
nor name could ever truly reach.
Where heart and instinct ultimately meet
and give their gifts blissfully to
the soft sheets of nothingness.
It is there that we rest as
bated, staggered breath.
That holy jewel in hidden chest --
so lustrous in its loveliness
it completely outshines the beautiful,
dividing, shapeless outlines of each other.

Unified, we become a godly, static shudder --
a vibration that contracts, begets like mother—
delivering dreaming worlds that spin away, asunder,
blinded with joy as they find themselves born.

J.M. 2017

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  Mar 22, 2017
2 days ago

have you heard the wind
the trees rustle
the wings fly by
the sea roar
watched the mountain
and wonder
sink down
on your knees
knowing this is life
the end the beginning
we are no more
than a bird a mountain a tree a leaf
a wave crash on the shore
a shell
maybe a sunrise
or a moon on the horizon
but nothing more

  Mar 21, 2017

I will always feel your presence
Through these quantum
Ethereal waves
These strings they bind
Through our time lines
Beyond the conscious states

Countless questions
Reasoning why
Staggeringly suspect
Those subtle lies

It seems quite complicated
Yet it's as simplistic as can be
Along came a wind of change
And blew two spirits free

Traveler Tim
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  Mar 20, 2017
Lady RF
Lady RF
Mar 5

If I could vacuum-clean
all of the dark clouds
from the sky above your head,
I would.

If I could make the sun shine
after stopping the rain,
I would.

If I could send you
an everlasting rainbow
to brighten-up all of your days,
I would.

If I could shoot
a wishfilled falling star
your way,
I would.

For you, if I could,
I would!

By Lady R.F ©2017

A little prayer for my family and friends.
Dedicated to anyone going through hardships.
If I could I would!
  Mar 19, 2017
Jonathan Witte

Nine years and still
we cradle our grief
carefully close,
like groceries
in paper bags.

Eventually the milk
will make its way
into the refrigerator;
the canned goods
will find their home
on pantry shelves.

Most things find
their proper place.

Eventually the hummingbirds
will ricochet against scorched air,
their delicate beaks stabbing
like needles into the feeder filled
with red nectar on the back porch.

Eventually our child
will make her way
back to us. Perhaps.

But I’ve heard
that shooting
heroin feels
like being
buried under
an avalanche
of cotton balls.

For now it’s another
week, another month,
another trip to Safeway.

We drive home and wonder
why it is always snowing.
Behind a curtain of snow,
brake lights pulse, turning
the color of cotton candy,
dissolving into ghosts.

And with each turn,
the groceries shift
in the seat behind us.
From the spot where
our daughter used to sit,
there is a rustling sound—

a murmur of words
crossed off yet another list,
a language we’ve budgeted
for but cannot afford to hear.

  Mar 18, 2017
idle hands

I walk empty-handed
with pockets full of presence
so carefully contained
too precious to give away
too tangible to let slip
through my fingers
like the Arabian sands
I wade across
with balmy secrets
that I keep only for you
during frigid nights
I see a mirage
woefully whisper with the wind
deceptive or sincere
I can't afford to pretend
Siren of the sand
with blackest hair
like the shadows of space
and hazelnut eyes
I could drink from
skin bronzed
from the smiles of the eastern sun
I must meet you
but not before I cross the Red Sea

I never once thought I would receive the daily, so this is quite a surprise. I wrote my first poem sometime in March 2016 and joined HelloPoetry last December. This site has been a huge blessing to me and I appreciate all the continued support from some of the loveliest people I have never met. This is for you all. Cheers.
  Mar 17, 2017
David Noonan

One fleeting chance to catch you between trapezes
Yet my head was bowed, my thoughts immersed
In another dream of another life that i longed to live
A moments lapse careers you to that downward spiral
Through all those safety nets, all those webs we wove
Once so secure borne from our labour, love and toil
Exposed now like a promise of night through a civil dawn
As you fall through each of my declarations of trust
You blow out the candles and knock out the lights
Of celebrations and occasions now shattered like glass

Blackness descending through this never blinking eye
As those moments and time perpetually relive yet resist
The blood still refusing to flow freely through my veins
As i sit and wait for this evening coffee to run cold
That i may embrace the sanctuary of night once more
For I was one that could never dream in the dark
No more than one who could ever make amends
Between those two trapezes that signaled our end

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