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yass min Jun 2015
i ******* hate her
i want to **** her ,
then  burn the world
hate is strong word
but it expresses what i feel,
what i'm saying is real ,
i just want my mind to heal
the world is so cruel
it treats me like a fool
and she is a ******* liar ,
she deserves fire .
yass min Jun 2015
every day ,
the same way
the same road
the same mistales
the same faults
this routine is *fatal
yass min May 2015
death ,
an unknown destination
we all have to face
that ,
some of us fear of
and some of us imbrace.
yass min May 2015
i am sitting in a dark room
infront of my bright blank laptop screen
i force my mind to think
i push my mind to creat
what should i write ?
what should i say ?
think .. think .. think..
am i being too dramatic?
am i complaining too much ?
aren't i using the right words?
aren't i good enouph ?
i guess i'll never be .
i better go.. i better leave ...
yass min May 2015
sometimes i feel so happy ,
that i can't beleive it .
most of times i feel so dismal ,
that i got used to it .
yass min May 2015
sometimes i wonder ,
what would i be if i never met you
would my heart be on fire ,
anticipating to find out who
who will be the misterious theif
that will steal my heart
and make me beleive
the existence of a *sweet love
yass min May 2015
who do you turn to
when everybody turns their back?
who do you become
when you're alone at home ?
i become myself.
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