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yass min Mar 2016
as i run through my days
i stumble upon faces
faces, that leave  traces
today, i carry my heart
all broken and shattered
oh , what a piece of art
his love was all that mattered
then , it all fell apart.
but now the little game is over
young love ?? was i wasted?
yass min Nov 2015
When the truth hits you in the face
When there's a thing you can no longer embrace,
You hide behind a happy smile ,
Miserable inside  ,
Every little comment,
Makes you want to commit suicide
After a double homocide...
At least , these are only my thoughts ,
And thoughts often cause actions
yass min Oct 2015
what's wrong with you ?
they ask me all  the time.
i'm wrong  with me ,
i'm too much to live with .
yass min Oct 2015
hello ,
would you like to hear
about my deepest fears ?
would you?
sometimes ,  at night
i go to dark places
i try to fight ,
but i see scary faces
it all happens in the shadows .
yass min Sep 2015
should i ? or should i not?
that's a hard choice
if i do , i'll leave my family behind
the person who gave birth to me
who offered me life
if i don't , i'll just be waiting,
in this miserable life
for my miserable beating heart to stop.
yass min Sep 2015
a room , a girl , a laptop , a guitar
i sit alone , in an emty room
i feel at home .
stuck in an endless routine .
sad music , oversized shirts
i'm losing my mind.
no self esteem , no self worth
but still , it's a thousand time better
than fake smiles and fake friends
yass min Jul 2015
the sky without the clouds
is *dull
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