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 Oct 2015 yass min
Athena Pepe
 Oct 2015 yass min
Athena Pepe
I want to go home.
Not to the home I know now
but to the home I used to know,
I sit at home and I long for it.

For my naivety,
for my happiness,
for the memories that will
pale all others,

for the people who will never be young
and the ones that will never be alive

I miss how bad I had it
and not even knowing
or caring
because I was happy.

I know now
and it hurts.
I want to go home
even when I am home.
he who is a little ahead of his time
whose treasures of the words random
romanticism is in the blood, marrow,
his mood is as the autumn clouds

he who has lost his path within path
drowning with dreams, sunk you within dreams  
again holds thousands of lost dreams
fly the colorful kites in the blue sky

he who hide within himself
**** in his naked poetry
In forms humorous,harmonic  
as a portrait of the Vincent's starry night

he is a pilgrim who has lost himself within spirituality  
holds everything with the love  
who is for everybody so everybody is for him
But in fact there is nothing in all his

he who is simple straight as the waterfall
when in complex grew hard stone
who broke rules for building rules,
knows himself within the other life

whose words never be end
again he moves on and on
who laughs in the moonlight
again swept in pain without thinking any gain

who looks the life
as a grain of sand
and see the sign of love
in the footprint of a fossil

he who is a poet -
When the Beauty I See
In the Land and the Sea
Even the Flowers to be
But not like She

When the Love I See
Within the Flower and Bee
Even in my Heart to be
But not like She

@Musfiq us shaleheen
 May 2015 yass min
JK Cabresos
 May 2015 yass min
JK Cabresos
Don't mind their eyes,
staring at you,
Don't mind their lips,
talking about you.
They are just
the bitter taste of fate,
Some people
are just born to hate.
 May 2015 yass min
Camron Elliott
People say ,"You scared the hell out of me".
I think, There is a Hell inside of all of us.
Either we want to get out
Or we haven't got in yet.
Hell inside of us are the voices that tell us negative thoughts.
That are screaming at us to do things.
Are the disturbing thoughts that float around our mind.
We have Hell Inside Of Us.
Copyright © 2015 Camron Elliott
I ******* know who you are

I've known for a long time

I just...pretended to discover your faults

I pretended to be surprised

The petty ******* you put me through
You're a story to tell
A "look what they did now"
and **** my peers for
swallowing these emotions of hurt
**** them for not telling me that I'm brilliant
That I'm a ******* poet
That I knew you before you knew yourself

No better yet **** me

I chose to put my heart on a platter
B/c I figured its beauty would blind you
into accidentally growing up

I used my insecurity with myself to reason
That if I tried hard enough my love
would cocoon you into the person you could be

How dare I have such a low regard for myself

How dare I focus energy into being a foundation for you
Everyone spits  on the ground

How dare I pretend that loving you is out of my control
**** me for that dumb mentality
for making excuses
for displacing blame
for writing this poem

I walked into your soul and asked that you love me
offered my heart out of loneliness

Is not what I am
Life is what I make it

You will be a distasteful blemish on my crown
kept only as a reminder that
my love isn't a tool to be manipulated in an attempt
to fill a nonexistent void I've created
its something I afford everyone
Its beautiful
Its biblical
Its peace

So excuse me while I
grow the **** up
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