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 Mar 2017 elizabeth
It's getting harder to wake up alone
I know we don't sleep so well
in each others beds
But for every moment
I wake up to you smiling at me
as you do in the morning
when the sun strike our faces
I'd give all my sleep
just to feel that precious
Children, you maybe suffering inside. Living in a culture of death. Sitting on the sidelines waiting to make your next move. Well listen up the sun comes up every morning. God will wipe your sin stained slate clean. By the blood of his precious son Jesus Christ. Society today needs a wake up call cause it's impossible to live up to it's perfect standard. Fake freaks from Hell want to tell you how to live your life. Don't listen to their false allegations there only lying to you. Instead embrace truth that comes from Jesus. Share with others what you have been taught. There is always hope for you as you maybe in turmoil desperately searching in the night. Never relent to ever give up on the fight !
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
Luna Marie
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
Luna Marie
When I was a child
I thought that stealing was okay
Because you stole my heart,
Took it away,
And never got punished.
How'd you do it?
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
Nessa Kay
I was furious
because I had been so completely
out of control-
lungs shaking
throat clenching in my path
and spiraling out faster than
that moment before depth,
all because the heart on my sleeve
was bleeding through
and I couldn't stand the stains.
There will always be a storm to reckon with
Beware of things marked new and improved
Wear earplugs at work and work like a mule , friends are like buying a bag of potato chips , they're normally only half full
Sometimes being alone is perfectly right
Stars change their positions during the night so
pray for the path by the light , defend your house with
all your might , remember love is a lone star shining bright
Avoid cliques , their like swimming with a bag of bricks
Leave church at church and work at work
Build a fence and build it right , keeps men honest in the dead
of night* ...
Copyright March 7 , 2017 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
Are you smelt
And assumed
Are your fingers judged
Where they have been
Are you a girl or boy
A girl who loves being a 'girl'
A boy who is fragile
A boy who hates his established role
A girl who just knows her potential
But still hides behind the men
Cause she has a short stature
Are you religious or atheist
Do you bow your head to get more
More money or more happiness
Health of family or world peace
Are you anti muslim
Or are you anti terror
Are you a sheep
Or Are you a hyena
Are you poor
Or are you ambitious
Do you educate your kids
Or drink Old monks in best sodas
Wake up to drink more, smoke more
*****, block, make others, beat all
Are you queer
Or you dont want to talk about that
Or maybe you are a little queer
Or do you think your best friend is
Do you bully feminism
Do you think this stuff is overrated
And teach your kids to hate it
And beat or **** their abnormal kinds
Cause they are disgustingly beautiful
Do you care about human rights
You care only for your pet
That's the truth
You care for your own pet
You dont care for anything else
You care a lot for your money
In bank, in bed, in shoes
Everywhere but where they aren't
You ever care for the kids
At the front of any parking lot
You ever gave them one millionth
Of what you earn
You ****** hound
Do you care for anything
But your silly rigid beliefs
Don't you get bored?
Or you yearn for a chance
Or you never had the vision
To see what's going on around
I am giving you that one knock
Stand for others, stand for yourself
Want to be in another sorta establishment
Welcome home.
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
Such Stuff
 Mar 2017 elizabeth
We start from nothing
And spring from dreams
Reaching through dimensions
And time.
I stand like a rock
Rooted to the earth beneath my feet
Know this place
Own this space
Whilst possessing nothing at all
Still I fly
Pondering reality
Dreaming with clarity
Knowing only
Love survives all.
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