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Shahzaad Zahirsha
Sri Lanka    I see, I write.. I imagine, I wonder.. I am Me, Myself and I! Shahzaad Zahirsha Artwork ©
connecticut    Ambitious, fun, funky chic - My pen name is J-Rap. Let's have fun. Listen to the words and be carried away. I Got my inspiration ...
how can i break down the barriers if i'm my own wall?
Noah Ducane
20/M/Washington state    All poets are brothers
Egypt    Drunk on poetry. I write to free my soul. Poetry is the only way out of this labyrinth.
Mississippi    Stories and Lyrics from some of my songs Just being myself and exploring new things
Haley G
Florida    *All the poems I write are mine, they come from my mind. Please dont recreate.* I am 17 years old and I think its time ...
Jakarta, Indonesia    let me vocal out the feelings that my heart cries inside Instagram
Nicole Dawn
Oklahoma    "Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth." ~ Ender's Game I love to talk, but I also have good listening ears. If you ever ...
RH 78
brandon nagley
Ohio,USA..    You can find me on Facebook Brandon Nagley Also on YouTube as Brandon nagley I speak prophecy news on my YouTube channel that matches biblically. ...
jupiter    I like beautifully crafted words.
"There's nothing lonelier and more empowering than treating your own wounds"
Paul M Chafer
England    Published a book of children's poems and short stories, ideal for all children ages 3 to 11 depending upon reading ability. Dragons, Pirates, Magic, Witches, ...
Emily L
Cassiopeia    I want to travel the world and write until I'm dead in the grave. Promise me you'll always wander:
Keva Minus
Bimini, Bahamas    Sad for the moment There is Beauty in Sadness But, don't be sad forever beautiful <3
Stephen Gentles
Camron Elliott
Texas    God is first. I love bands!!!!!! I love messaging people, so come talk to me. I care for others, love others, and respect others. I ...
21/Genderqueer/St Louis   
Kevin Seiler
Philly    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
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