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Vivek Mukherjee Nov 2016
My love for you
is not the fluffy kind.
Here you will not get
Sweet nothings in flowers bind.
Neither will you receive,
Such gifts as love can find.

But it's love as well,
That waits and watches
That let's feelings swell
And in time, them catches.
Love need not be shown
Or proclaimed to the masses.

Let it be private.
Because I am scared.
Scared of too much exposure.
Scared of not much composure.
Scared that this what has started,
Will risk the wrath of displeasure.

Let it not scream and shout for once.
Let it have a passive existence.
And let it grow as such.
Not everything needs to be active.
Vivek Mukherjee Oct 2016
Sometimes I wonder,
if you would recognise me,
years later.
Where I would come up to you,
with a token of my love,
in a different city, in a different land.

Maybe I will disguise myself.
And I'll be fatter than I used to be,
and older and more tired,
of this life without you.

Would you still recognise me?
While I have made, in my mind,
Every permutation and combination,
of how you would look now and maybe
ten years later. Twenty even.
I would add weight to your body,
and wrinkles to your cheeks.
And present myself with your image,
Older but still beautiful.

But would you recognise me?
I wonder and fear,
that in your ignorance,
will be my death!
Vivek Mukherjee Oct 2016
The feeling when you want to write,
you want to express,
you want to scream,
you want to shout...

But nothing comes out.

Everything seems to go deeper within.
Pushing and shoving.
Through membranes thick and thin.
And then an ache...

A familiar one,
just beside the heart.
It pains and throbs,
like the heart has had enough
and wants to stop.
Vivek Mukherjee Aug 2016
Be the star
you were meant to be.
Shine bright and strong.
Be the guide to wandering barks,
and the solace of lonely lovers.
Take your butterfly wings
and fly to newer heights.
Take your giant heart
and love others.
Be the star
you were meant to be.
Be the star you are.
Vivek Mukherjee Jul 2016
A candle on a cupcake,
and a single room an everywhere.
I remember and treasure this
and such memories.
Of swimming with dolphins
and picking shells.
But it's best this way.
As emotion swells.
And broken ties,
show us the way ahead.
Vivek Mukherjee Jul 2016
Today, after many days,
I missed you.
Every moment of the day,
I searched for your presence.
My heartbeats searched,
for the sound of your footsteps.
You know, the kind of missings
that happen when you are used to,
a presence just being there.
Not talking, not doing anything,
But just being. In the same room,
same house, same hearts.
It's been a long time.
But I missed you.
Longed for you.
Pined for you.
Smiled for you.
Cried for you.

I could still, even today,
remember your touch,
your scent, your voice,
your smile and your feel.

But how long will this remain,
as two souls, miserable,
without each and other?

And there will be many more such days,
where you and I will dearly miss each other.
Only to remain apart, forever.
Vivek Mukherjee Jul 2016
It's better,
In the way the world's revolve,
In the way people live lives
As if in a trance,
Dancing and singing,
Without joy.
It's better,
That you live by hating me,
Than die by loving me.
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