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What can I read her
What can I read her
on a Sunday Morning

What can I do that will
somehow reach her
on a Sunday Morning

I’ll read her the news of
The Indian Wars

Full of criss-cavalry, blood
& gore

Stories to tame & charm
& more

On a Sunday Morning

Some wild fires
a dry quiet kiss on leaving

Like our ancestors
The Indians
We share a fear of ***
excessive lamentation for the dead
& an abiding interest in dreams & visions
 Nov 2015 Unrequited Love
somebody told me to reach for the stars
so i took them out of the sky and hid them in my broken heart
somebody told me that time heals all wounds
so all be waiting right here until i can finally be rid of these cuts and bruises
 Nov 2015 Unrequited Love
What are fingertips but pulses and pauses?
A spinal sigh---a cradle to all existence?

The punchline of all sensory implications,
the culmination of our tangles and departures?

All flesh is ephemeral, soft to shards in hours;
Touch is but a ****** tendril in memoriam for desire.
 Nov 2015 Unrequited Love
Remember the days
When we’re both drunk in love,
Hands touching each other’s heart,
And those passionate eyes.

Those were the days
When we still jump for joys,
Laughing, hearing no other noise.

But that was replaced
With words we never meant to say,
People trying to break
A love that was already at stake.

I tried to be strong
Because one has to believe
That everything is worth a song

Until then,
My hands slipped off of the rope,
A rope that once I thought was long,
Long enough for my hopes to hold.

I thought of you as the enemy
So I could easily forget all the wounds you’ve caused to me
Because it is easier to hate than nothing at all.

I though it will last forever,
The grudge I’m holding on for months.
But an angel was sent down
To guide and fix up our hearts’ frown.

I never thought how much you were affected
For I was blinded with my own fears and tears
Now my memories of us came back

As we accept each other again,
Nothing will be the same, ever again.
Questions were left unanswered
Because in love, actions will always be better than words.

Always remember
“A love that once existed,
Will never ever fade away.”
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