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Lucid Jul 2016
We are discordant,
shadows erupting
from quiet spaces;
rustling a clarity
in static waves.

Scented like rain,
you swallow keys
and fingertips
flow along lips
like locked doors.

Eyelashes dovetail
in dreamy mist;
they are whispering,
billowing smoke,
calling lightfall.
  Jun 2016 Lucid
Frankie Fuller
Deep in his heart
He will miss it as it goes
A pool of rain
His reflection once showed him
Once upon a thousand times
A quiet man once daydreamed
Of the different formations of rain

Yet , what did he have to gain?
The war was almost over
He was such a lonely orphan
He could never confess his silence
He once heard the
Static sounds of rain
A presence of tear drops
Surrounding his eccentric mind

Everything was fading away
Time was just another memory lapse
He daydreamed until he could
No longer hear the sounds of tears
He had once remembered
When he was a child back
Before rain was so feared and hated
Before it was seen as a novel of sin

Under his dear black umbrella
He waited for nothing alone
And the clouds were a
Peppered smokey grey
They were viewed as
The separation of loss
An image of abandonment
From a hollow sky
Lucid Nov 2015
I have buried them alive---
the tatters of malformed thoughts
squelched at the root of my tongue,
wrought by murky fingertips in dreams.

Still, they bloom in me---
beyond my grasp, beyond all wisdom.
I cannot blot your poetry from my eyes,
Nor one gentle glance, nor untouched cheek.

If I say I love you, I will burn---
What I bear will be indelible, uncrucifiable
An incantation to raise the spirits of my sins,
irredeemable black curses to cast me from eden.

And should gardenias creep to my lips,
I will ***** them out, and plant acacia in my breath---
I will swallow the roots of their hearts,
and eat your fire eternally.
Lucid Nov 2015
Your lips are coloured fresh---
sepia in slow motion,
downsome petals lilting
grave whispers for me.

Heliotropic eyes---
Emerald irises blossom,
Spilling funeral psalms
to lilied cheek and tongue.

From ethers to earth
your perfume traces vines
from god to sacred dirt---
where our roots entwine.
Lucid Nov 2015
You are in the rain,
spilling blood
for parched fingertips;
anemic, wilted petals.

The spirit of you is encased
in the animating nothingness,
in the hallowed cry of aeons,
breathing the thunder out.

I am captive to the magic,
Enamoured and terrified---
nourished and destroyed
by your flashes of light.
Lucid Nov 2015
You were trembling, Job of the prairies---
a supernova born with angel hair optics
gnarled in the sweat of an oil soaked sun;
****** to the soil by nectarless thirst.

Even your stains were bright with haloes;
Dappled like the moon with jewelish fire---
Even your scabs were disjointed lights---
in center of your temple, white like tile.

A quaff of dissention and love laden
As you stood fragile as fruitless skin---
Bent to my presence, a crooked crystal;
All swallowed and refracted, like liquor.

Your cat-eyes were so bitterbright, shadowy
Inconsolably shining enormous fires, dark.
Your blackened opal void melting to nectar
for incestuous parasite lapping it in twain.

I loved you, and your autophagical bones;
A dimming resplendence on a crooked bridge
where they sipped the springtime's deathour---
where I kissed your soul in spring's deathour.
Lucid Nov 2015
What are fingertips but pulses and pauses?
A spinal sigh---a cradle to all existence?

The punchline of all sensory implications,
the culmination of our tangles and departures?

All flesh is ephemeral, soft to shards in hours;
Touch is but a ****** tendril in memoriam for desire.
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