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Audra Apr 2020
my heart is shattered

i love you
and i know you love me
but i dont feel loved

how can i know that this is good
when my tears and mascara
stain my face
and my pillowcase
for the third night in a row?
i guess my life was not meant to move in that direction
Audra Jan 2020
I fall in love much to easy—
This I know is true.
It’s from up on cloud nine
To a puddle on the ground
(Once I know my chance is through.)

Each fall hurts more and more—
My heartstrings truly break.
I scoop myself up
And ask once again:
How much more can I take?

But falling is what I love—
The adrenaline and rush.
With a weightless freedom
And care-free happiness
My brain just turns to mush.
i love falling until i meet the cold, harsh reality of rejection
Audra Jan 2020
I shoulda kept my mouth shut;
I shoulda let it go.
But I couldn’t let you finish.
All I wanted was you to agree.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut;
I didn’t let it go.
Then you felt mad
Because he blew up.

If I had only kept my mouth shut;
If I had only let it go.
The chatter woulda started
Instead of the silence that hung.
how do you escape a moving car?
Audra Oct 2019
how do you get through
the days that are
all tears and tissues?
—the days
of running mascara
and stuffy noses
song of the day: “all we do” by oh wonder
Audra Sep 2019
I’ve found all the wrong love
In all the wrong places—
Every bad match
With every darkened heart.

At least that’s what you tell me.
i will no longer allow you to dictate who is right for me.
Audra Sep 2019
Do you focus on the letters
Or the words they form—
The letters of the law
Or it’s intent?

It’s the thoughts behind the words
The lingering questions behind the melody
That truly tell the story.

But we all focus on the words
Instead of their thoughts
And the melody
Rather than what lingers.
The sweetness,
Not the aftertaste.

Is that why we miss
What means the most?
I’ve been gone on many different levels, but now I’m back.
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