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Noura May 2022
one mistake and falling goes the unabashedly tender, naively claimed the empresses land home, forgetful perhaps of what lengths it must go to earn its keep
With one slip of the tongue, knives were drawn
affection squashed
All traces of tenderness lost in a once softened gaze
(so fully, one swears it must not be the same eyes)
hardens, exposing a once tentatively stitched creature to the world's capacity for cruelty
To loneliness so great, to the knowledge that all one has, truly
When all niceties are stripped
(Or have fallen.. due to an irrational presumption of one’s right to practice autonomy)
Is one’s self
there is great disappointment that lies in arriving at the bottom of the barrel only to see a puddle
Or rather, droplets barely conjoined
mirroring eyes engulfed in terror
darting back and to,
the only soul, hell-bent on your survival
Is your own
Noura May 2022
atop a hill of splendor
with little in the way of hope
equal parts enthralled.. and worn
dismay coats the outside of my armor, callous with plight
Saturn my center
the moon my companion, beyond the dark knight
the haze of exhaustion weighs heavy on the soul
of the warrior of penance, the grief-stricken mourn
beyond the shell that has molded to skin
is a man-made of clay, held up by kin
what rattles in the uninhibited layers of one's caverns
the darkest mellows of the evening halted by unspeakable thought..
perhaps the soul deserves kindness
when the soul finds solace not in yellow sunrises and blue ocean shores
but in catastrophic endings, where podiums are flattened against the earths erupting core
with destruction comes peace, the absence of life a prerequisite to birth
I am man in his purest form
earnest in pursuit, lacking in judgment
no less in youth
and as youth leaves me, so does the empathy it affords me
when my wayward path meets that of those who have strayed
beyond the anticlimactic nature of the roads that lead to Rome
beyond Caesar
empty conquests
hollow plots of land masquerading as homes
no amount of marble will make you a home
and no amount of marching will bring me closer to mine
I have found a home in an unlikely scene
in a planet so wholly unruly in its pursuit of discipline
absolute devotion to he who has revived my fervor, what is devotion next to happiness previously alien to my desolate soul
the 82 moons orbiting you cannot offer what I plan to
I offer my soul, and all that I am
for promise of a home far from this land
for peace previously unknown to me
for joy beyond comprehension of man
Noura Mar 2022
there is so much to look forward to, now that you are here
so many fantasies bashfully pushed aside to make way for more noble pursuits
now lay on my bedside, eyeing my half-lided eyes and lopsided grin

a whirlwind marked with ease
a typhoon where sweetness blooms
the softest callous hands
you are a story all on your own
breathtakingly agile in all you touch
any one thing, or creature
loved enough by the heavens to be marked by your looming presence
is tethered to you by an unseen force
I do not know what fortunes I have bestowed on others, what good will or extended palm could have made me worthy of the soul encompassing passion
all the same
I am one of 82
incandescently enamored with you
#love #saturn #planets #sappy
Noura Mar 2022
and I would look and look, for poems that might begin to etch away at my armor, exposing me to your loving gaze
but so little was found, I take it upon myself
to write you a poem
of yearning in its simplest form
for a love so present in every moment I hesitate to be anything but yours
Noura Mar 2022
The warmest haze
in wanting you I am set ablaze anew
you wreak havoc on all my delicate parts
the thud of a heart prone to unease
softly mellows as our eyes meet
I lose an ounce of myself
but oh the gain, oh the wells and rivers of bliss
oh the mountains of unadulterated joy
sparking through my chest
its always been, always has been
Noura Mar 2022
my life began at 23,

I was used to parting seas
nail and tooth, knuckles bruised
a battle of wills, mine was fraught with distrust
all that I need, my one and only muse
brought my tattered soul to the fountain of youth
emotions I cannot speak of without wells of tears streaming down my face
made the pits I disdain my home
the comfort of familiarity brushing away remnants of passion
and it is often when you become accustomed to pain that life acquaints you with joy
my joy, the force that shakes me and grounds me
all that I am, and ever will be is someone made for loving you
my life began, the day our eyes met
the day words were exchanged
loving glances
softly hidden smiles
knowing chuckles
the day the world ceased to turn, for as long as our kiss lasted
all I was before you was shattered, I am utterly yours
devoted to the loving cause of loving you
my life began at 23, when the universe brought you to me
my life began the day our hands met and our smiles merged
the day we became one
the day the world began
was when I was brought to you
Noura Mar 2022
I must be the most loved creature in the world
not by quantity of lovers do I measure
how the heavens have surrendered their earthly pleasures
made of love, for love, to love and be loved
I am defined solely by my quest
to bestow tenderness in the most unlikely of places
where cracks do not meet and gravel ceases to turn
where emptiness is heard and terror burns

I am loved beyond all the hate that festers beneath the shell of my home
beneath the ashes and the unborn
I loved through failed conquests and overturned thrones
beyond all that has been and will be
this single moment of love lives on
immortalizing us as the single purest moment
a meeting of souls
I am loved and will love
till the day I am mourned
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