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SilvarumDea Oct 26
A raft to drift upon
When the world is thunders and storm.
The first rays of sunshine
After a hard winter of the soul.
The power to go on
When the heart is full of bruises.
The warmth of a fire
When reality is freezing cold.
The reason to exist
When nothing makes sense.

This is the definition of Love.
SilvarumDea Oct 2
I just open myself to the pain
Like a rotten wound that never heals
And my cursed soul can never rest,
Consuming itself from within.

My tired eyes have cried so much,
But my silent scream was never heard.
How could I ever think that I could win
On this unfair battlefield which I call life?

The Universe laughs at my stubbornness,
While throwing me back to the ground.
My rotten soul surrenders with a pity song
Searching for what's left of it.

— The End —