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The Wonderess May 2020
Let go of all the pain of the past and feel how much lighter your journey to the future becomes.
The Wonderess May 2020
Can’t they all just learn
To leave me alone
Is it so hard to fathom
That I like being on my own?

And no, it’s not lonely
I don’t need you help
I am perfectly capable
Of loving myself...
The Wonderess May 2020
May you, so passionate, rest in peace
May your humble heart be at ease
And heaven shall surely in you pleasure find
Remember me, I beg, I’m not too far behind

I pray that in your soul I’m cherished
While I’m in my purgatory, perished
Each day is a weight that I cannot bear
The load of your loss is my dispair

And as you, Saint, God’s abode adorn
Below is besmirched as I mourn
Awaiting the time we will reunite
And this darkness will turn to light

So unfathomable is my pain
Like a law that has been profaned
It gnaws alway inside, the unremitting beast
I witness myself ******* more with every feast

As my mind ponders and I gaze forlorn
A trickle of hope and delight is born
I’m certain you have God’s fondness gained
As you in my favor have always remained

Empowered I commence journ with faith/hope
And search for your colors in life’s kaleidoscope...
The Wonderess Apr 2020
she paints

her mind
onto paper

worlds with


lose and find
herself in...

forced to
break her

her sacred

she returns
I wrote this poem as an expression of how lost I sometimes feel as a writer in this world. I am in my element when I am producing work and writing poetry, this is how I escape all the problems I am faced with in reality. It is my save haven and through poetry I am able to discover my true self in the alternative reality She creates for me. This is when I am at my most powerful, when I write I become the ‘Avatar’ version of me, can any of you fellow writers relate?
The Wonderess May 2020
She was deeply disturbed
Yet, poised and peaceful.
Never had I seen
A mess more beautiful...
#strong #female
The Wonderess May 2020
If only you could understand,
How you held my heart
When you held
My hand

Your touches travelled past my skin
They shook my soul
So deep

You moved more than my body
I shared with you
Every last part
Of me

Yet you cannot comprehend
My pain when my lover
Told me, I’m only
A friend

You could have said it before
You let me believe that
I am so much

I am broken, now beyond repair
As you continue
Without a

Although I’m angered I’ll never wish
For anyone to ever
Hurt you
Like this

It takes a different kind of cruel
To take someone who
Loves you for a
#heartbreak #lovepoem
The Wonderess Jun 2020
That washed out cigarette smell
Oh, I know it too well...
It reminds me of you
And the fire I was
Put through.
The Wonderess Jun 2020
If only you possessed
The power
To see

All that you are and
All that you’ll

Tell me, what is sight
Without the sense of

What good is imagination
Without any

Thus, hold onto your hopes
For glorious days
Lay ahead

One cannot follow
Dreams that are

And do not think
Your vast visions
To be foolish

For many wondrous things
Did begin with
A wish...
The Wonderess Jul 2020
You may move on
And try to forget
But never, ever
The Wonderess Apr 2020
I gave you an  
Accepted your
So who really
Is to blame,
If we both treated
Me the same?

You said you
Loved me...
And it set
Me free

Only to later
Lock me up
And throw
Away the

Yet it appeared
Quite fine as I
Had been
Locked up

The difference being
That I was the
Warder of my
Own prison

Tell me, who is to
When we hurt
Me the same?

You saw me suffer
And worsened
My existing
The Wonderess May 2020
“These feelings are not my own
These words are not true”

And with this, let go of that
Which does not belong to you
In the depths of fear
Courage is

Strength is found
In the eye
Of the
The Wonderess Jul 2020
We were soaring,
But the rain
Was pouring

Foolishly flying,
Whilst the sky
Was crying

Deaf to the thunder,
As she cursed
Our every blunder

We refused to heed,
though the
Lightening did plead

And past the shroud,
Of ominous
Black clouds

Impulsively persisted,
Despite how the
universe resisted

Both arrogant and reckless,
Mimicking the
Dear Icarus

A painful lesson,
Was to follow
Our transgression

We were caught in
A tumult and it was
Our own fault

But you left me there, Alone
To fight the storm
On my own...

Plummeting into the sea
My melted wings could
Not carry me

My heart drowned in
The cold, cold ocean
I paid the price of my
Blind love and
The Wonderess May 2020
Through thick and thin
Loss  and win
We were glued together
As we will be forever

We cured each disaster
With goofing and laughter
Quite the doctors we were
With life’s essential cure

Adopting Peter Pan’s
Most Brilliant Plan
We refused to grow old
to grow bitter and cold

We were so powerful
We were so invincible
Two fragile little girls
Taking on a cruel world

Now we are older
and debatably wiser
Trapped inside adults
despite our revolts

Yet, we bring magic
To a world so tragic
With the ‘faith, trust
And pixie dust ‘

Of our
everlasting friendship...
This poem is dedicated to my best friend and describes how a the sisterly bond that we shared is the kind of magical live that brightens up the world on the most dull of days.
The Wonderess Jul 19
When I’m there
You don’t care
But when I’m away
You beg me to stay

I may be known
For my enduring loyalty
But you’ll be left alone
If you don’t value me…
The Wonderess May 2020
Her wildness is not
To be tamed
Her beauty is not
To be framed

Her courage is not
To be questioned
Her suffering is not
to be mentioned

Her wisdom is not
To be undermined
Her power is not
To be denied

Her independence is not
to be compromised
Her fervent love is not
To be paralyzed

She is everything and
So much more...
She’s not hard to love
If you know how to adore
The Wonderess Jul 16
Her Anatomy is Astrology

With her starry eyes
She’ll lure you in
Her gaze giving you
A glimpse of
The galaxy within

Her miraculous mind is an
incredible constellation
Glistening with dreams,
Painted with imagination

Her soul shines brighter
Than Luna’s light
She’s as honest as the day
And mysterious as the night…
The Wonderess Apr 2020
Don’t build me up
To break me down
Don’t make me smile
To make me frown
Don’t me make laugh
To make me cry
Don’t make want to live
To make me want die...
The Wonderess Apr 2020
They say that I’m
Too much to

Yet they never seem
To handle me with

They say that I’m
Unable to

Yet they break it the
Moment I’m not

They say that I’m
Far too

Yet they won’t
Help me

They say I’m
Cold and

Yet they ignore
What I

They say that I‘m
unable to

Yet they are the
Ones who can’t

They say I’m
Afraid of

Yet there is
so much to
Sometimes people make as though we are unable or unwilling to love yet  they and others have treated us in a way that has made us so apprehensive to lend our hearts out. Love is a two way street...
The Wonderess Jun 2020
She does not need
To be taken care of,
She needs to be
Cared for.

She expects nothing
Less or anything
The Wonderess Apr 2020
I wonder who wounded you
For you to be this way...
For you to be so callous
And cast love away.

I wonder who wounded you
For you to be this way
I will no longer despise you
But for your healing pray.
Sometimes people hurt us and we regard them as monsters. We harbor hatred and anger for them because of all of the pain they have caused us. Yet something or someone caused them to be this way, so we should pity them instead and pray for their healing.
The Wonderess May 2020
They sipped on
You, Sweet Sister
Like you were cheap

Then realized
You were Champagne
The day you walked
#womenempowerment #walkaway
The Wonderess May 2020
How wise of you
To go at your
Own pace

To leave their lane
And reject their
Silly race...

-growth is a process
The Wonderess May 2020
I don’t expect you
To move mountains for me
Just carry my heart
When it gets too heavy...
The Wonderess Jul 2020
You are as rare
And as wonderful
As only You can be...

A gift from Gaia to
The world,
Tell me that you see!
The Wonderess Jul 10
You have fallen from
A few’s favour
This is not your fall
From grace

When others consider
It a sin, to take up
Your God given

Worship not the words
Of serpent tongues
That spit only

By bending to their will
you’ll become the
Failure that they

My dear you are of
Of the heavens ,
Created to serve a
Devine Purpose

Never forget, you were
Not born to bow or
Bend, but to
Achieve greatness!
The Wonderess May 2020
That the one I love most finally wakes up from his perfect illusion of me and sees me the way that I see myself.
The Wonderess Jul 10
The road back to myself
Was no easy one to walk
I often veered off course
According to their talk

For I was given false directions
By a friend(ly) stranger along the way
Or blindly followed in the darkness
One that I trusted who lead me astray

I stumbled, oh I stumbled hard
But with each significant blow
Something in me awakened,
I was taught a lesson I needed to know

Then came a day when I became
A true traveller: Both bold and wise
I trusted my instincts by
Setting alight their atlas of lies

I followed then a road, determined
By what my soul yearned for
(a kind of love and acceptance)
Not found at another’s door

I came to discover that I needn’t
Cross far lands and sail the seas...
I was far, yet so very close
To the place where I wanted to be

And when I found myself again,
Tears of joy trickled down my face
As I embraced her, I knew their
Was no destination like this place
The Wonderess May 2020
i wrote You a story,
with meticulous care
praised your great glory
with  flaws,so blatant, there

i drew You a picture
with such precision
magnified Your stature
according to my vision

You wrote me a story
with malicious intent
what i failed to foresee
i could not prevent

You drew me a picture
dedicated to your desire
i didn’t recognize her
the witch  in Your fire

i told myself our story
The one You wouldn’t hear
what a fantastic fantasy
that seemed so sincere

i admired our picture
the one you wouldn’t see
an angel, called Lucifer
stared back at me

I’m writing myself a story
incase it interests you
a kind of an allegory
to get the message through

I’m drawing myself a picture
in case it crossed your mind
always confusing sin with scripture
I wonder what meaning you’ll find

I’ve written myself a story
and drawn myself a picture
where  I’m freed from your purgatory
and have emerged a victor...
Sometimes people make as though we are unable or unwilling to love yet  they and others have treated us in a way that has made us so apprehensive to lend our hearts out. Love is a two way street...
The Wonderess Jul 2020
Like my past I have
Buried her,
She is decomposing
She is Dead,

I will no longer carry
Her corpse with me,
But renew my soul
By moving on ahead!
My friends are few
And my foes are plenty
I am adored by some
And despised by many

But what does this matter?
Oh, I’ve set my soul free
And I’m at peace when
I can be myself , unapologetically.
The Wonderess Jul 2020
Don’t be fooled by his
Ocean blue eyes
Hidden beyond them
Is a seabed of lies

Don’t be fooled by
Those ocean blue eyes
That with a blink will
Blacken your skies

Don’t be fooled by those
Ocean blue eyes:
The monster wears a
Handsome disguise
The Wonderess May 2020
You are like
The magnificent

When you feel
Your power waning
Know it will be restored
To it’s fullness soon...
Your hands will burn
When you dare
Capture her

She is not yours to possess,
Her passion is not yours
To claim…
The Wonderess May 2020
She has been my greatest lover
My truest companion
My safe haven
My everything
Without her
I am no one,
The Wonderess Apr 2020
I’d rather you tell me
That you hate me to
My face.

Because I know you
Don’t give a ****
In any case.

So what’s with the chit-chat
And wasting of

Would you come to my
Funeral, pretend-cry
At my death?
The Wonderess Jun 2020
i have come to rely
On my daily

to help me remember
what i wish to

see it’s a bittersweet habit
just like your

i’m better off without it
But that’s not what
i prefer...

i don’t like the smell
or the habit you

But it’s the only thing
keeping you close
to me.
The Wonderess Jul 2020
I shall no longer be
Diminished and disturbed
For The Devine is not blind,
What’s unsaid is indeed heard.

Perhaps justice will not
Be soon served,
But the day will come
When they get what they
The Wonderess Jun 2020
Out a ferocious flames
A Phoenix is reborn:

Likewise, she’ll ascend
From the ashes and
The Wonderess May 2020
Sister, there is no need
To push aside your pain.
Embrace it, for flowers
Cannot grow without rain.
The Wonderess May 2020
Sister do not mistake
A hardened heart
For a strong
And safe

Your soul will crumble
And be enslaved by
one who’s cold heart
Is made of
The Wonderess Jul 2020
She’ll make a masterpiece
Of paper-mâché
From the pieces of her
That he tore away...
The Wonderess May 2020
I marvel at her magic,
At how she shines like
The Moon

I witness miracles at
Work, when I watch
Her Bloom...
The Wonderess May 2020
Rise up my Sister
You are a daughter
Of the Sun!
Rise once more,
Like you did before
A new dawn and day
Has come.
The Wonderess Jun 2020
Sweet Soul, look to
The Sun.
Tell me, what does she

That you are a
Resilient one,
Who’ll defeat darkness
And Rise!
The Wonderess Jun 2020
Sweet Soul, look to
The Sun
Tell me, what does
She symbolize?

That you’re a resilient
Who’ll defeat darkness
And Rise!
The Wonderess Jun 2020
My spirit was was sinking,
No, I could not
Stay afloat

When bearing your
Heavy burdens on
My boat

-she was a shipwreck
The Wonderess May 2020
I am lost for words,
As I am lost for love
I cry out aloud,
Seeking guidance from above

Do you hear me Great Spirit
When I painfully cry out?
Perhaps you too are deaf,
To everything I shout

Do you see my sorrow
Or do my tears evaporate
Maybe, I am scorned by you
As the others me hate

I am created from dust,
They remind me everyday
Their words like a hurricane,
Blow my hope away

Yet here I am before you,
Pleading yet again
Release me from this anguish
And from all of them

Monsters lurk amongst us
We become their slaves
We nominate them as leaders:
They lead us to our graves

Insignificant are the powerless
To the tyrants who roam around
The strong only grow stronger
Trodding the weak into the ground.

We are meant to be equals
Everyone, you and I;
Being born and raised
Under the same sky

Yet we are treated
So differently...
Tell me, where is the
Human in Humanity?
To quote Jimi Hendrix, when the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world shall know peace.
The Wonderess May 2020
Something powerful lingered
Between our interlaced

I was ever so softly shocked
When our hands were

Your kiss like a lightening bolt
Struck my heart to a

I was electrocuted by your eyes
When I at last removed my

And finally I resigned to my urge
, to feel this current through me

Two bodies fused into one...
But the current did not

And empty was the ecstasy
That belonged only to my

I stared at your blank face
And realized what was
Taking place

You were devoid of feeling,
This had no deeper

You had extinguished our flame
My sacrifice was all in

I sought a golden shine
And let you enter my
Soul and shrine

Now I’m left tainted and torn
I wish you’d have me

That you never intended to ignite
Our love with your false

I was fooled and gave my trust
To a devil derived from

Love is indeed blind
Unable to recognize
It’s own kind

*** and intimacy are far apart
You wanted my body
Not my heart.
Sometimes we are mislead by people who pretend to love us in our entirety when indeed all they’re after is our body. In my life I’ve learnt some hard  lessons and one of them was to distinguish between love/intimacy and ***. I was tricked and payed the price, so I thought I’d try and describe this experience to you.
The Wonderess May 2020
I wish someone
Would give me
That Look...

You know the one
Where they read
You, like
You’re their
Favorite book.
This was random, and not at all an indication of my literary competence but I think I’m done showing off my vocabulary for the day. I want my last piece for today to showcase my feelings, to which I hope you all can relate. If I ever meet the love of my life I want him to admire me and be intrigued by my every detail, the way a person is mesmerized by their favorite piece of literature.
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