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The Wonderess Jul 19
When I’m there
You don’t care
But when I’m away
You beg me to stay

I may be known
For my enduring loyalty
But you’ll be left alone
If you don’t value me…
The Wonderess Jul 18
Who is this familiar stranger
Staring back at me in the
Cracked mirror?

I swear I’ve know her my whole life
Yet, I cannot seem to recognise
The person behind those
Dull blue eyes …

Where did she go?
Will I ever know?
I hope she won’t be lost for long
I’m not sure how much longer
I’ll be able to hold on…
The Wonderess Jul 16
Her Anatomy is Astrology

With her starry eyes
She’ll lure you in
Her gaze giving you
A glimpse of
The galaxy within

Her miraculous mind is an
incredible constellation
Glistening with dreams,
Painted with imagination

Her soul shines brighter
Than Luna’s light
She’s as honest as the day
And mysterious as the night…
The Wonderess Jul 10
The road back to myself
Was no easy one to walk
I often veered off course
According to their talk

For I was given false directions
By a friend(ly) stranger along the way
Or blindly followed in the darkness
One that I trusted who lead me astray

I stumbled, oh I stumbled hard
But with each significant blow
Something in me awakened,
I was taught a lesson I needed to know

Then came a day when I became
A true traveller: Both bold and wise
I trusted my instincts by
Setting alight their atlas of lies

I followed then a road, determined
By what my soul yearned for
(a kind of love and acceptance)
Not found at another’s door

I came to discover that I needn’t
Cross far lands and sail the seas...
I was far, yet so very close
To the place where I wanted to be

And when I found myself again,
Tears of joy trickled down my face
As I embraced her, I knew their
Was no destination like this place
The Wonderess Jul 10
You have fallen from
A few’s favour
This is not your fall
From grace

When others consider
It a sin, to take up
Your God given

Worship not the words
Of serpent tongues
That spit only

By bending to their will
you’ll become the
Failure that they

My dear you are of
Of the heavens ,
Created to serve a
Devine Purpose

Never forget, you were
Not born to bow or
Bend, but to
Achieve greatness!
Your hands will burn
When you dare
Capture her

She is not yours to possess,
Her passion is not yours
To claim…
My friends are few
And my foes are plenty
I am adored by some
And despised by many

But what does this matter?
Oh, I’ve set my soul free
And I’m at peace when
I can be myself , unapologetically.
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