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Jul 10
The road back to myself
Was no easy one to walk
I often veered off course
According to their talk

For I was given false directions
By a friend(ly) stranger along the way
Or blindly followed in the darkness
One that I trusted who lead me astray

I stumbled, oh I stumbled hard
But with each significant blow
Something in me awakened,
I was taught a lesson I needed to know

Then came a day when I became
A true traveller: Both bold and wise
I trusted my instincts by
Setting alight their atlas of lies

I followed then a road, determined
By what my soul yearned for
(a kind of love and acceptance)
Not found at another’s door

I came to discover that I needn’t
Cross far lands and sail the seas...
I was far, yet so very close
To the place where I wanted to be

And when I found myself again,
Tears of joy trickled down my face
As I embraced her, I knew their
Was no destination like this place
Written by
The Wonderess
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