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 May 2020 MD Nayeemur Rahman
In the eye of the storm
I found your glistening ones

And in the midst of the chaos
We sat hand in hand

And watched as
Destruction enveloped us
Learn to love the chaos
 May 2020 MD Nayeemur Rahman
Why can’t I have nice things?
She wondered as she took
the next pill
of self-destruction
 May 2020 MD Nayeemur Rahman
It’s winter and the snow embraces my already cold heart
And while I’m walking through white weeping woods
Where lust and laughter is forever doomed
I can’t help myself from thinking back to the time
When the sun lightened the world and you were still mine
Once upon a time
 May 2020 MD Nayeemur Rahman
If people were colors

You would be bright blue

And as a simple grey

I would probably get lost in you
 May 2020 MD Nayeemur Rahman
I saw a man and his drowning dog walking in the rain
Teardrops on his cheeks and a storm raging in his brain
I used to watch the silver rain fall
On Sundays whilst listening to The National.
My breath would form fogged circles,
On cold windows, arching over a suburban view.

I watch your eyes move
Make plans behind ice irises
And beautiful though the April sun is
It scratches in dry heat

My tentative plans forming
Concrete ambition
My dreams melt into one
Mind ticking rapidly
In midday sun

So I don't really know where I'll be
                                       This time next year...

— The End —