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What happens when a dream breaks?
Is it can be the reason to remain ever sad?
Or is it can be forgotten by avoiding?
Know the definition of a long dream.
To know the result of its breaking.
The dream is one's inner state of mind,
That everyone decorates with heavenly thought.
Forgetting the irony of life,
That defines the appearance and reality conflict.
A dream can be broken or postponed,
Dreamers will die dreamer will be born.
Dream live long dream go to heaven.
A dream can be broken dreams never lost.
A dream can be postponed
The dream never is stopped.
Silence produces speech.
Hate reveals cherish.
Death becomes freedom.
Care brings irritation.
Disconnection is a connection.
These days in midnight,
I often get up from sleep.
Those fear hunting me,
No not for bad angels
These fear for my bad days.
John Keats said about beauty,
"Beauty is truth truth beauty"
Kahlil Gibran said about beauty,
"Beauty is not in the face but heart"
Ben Franklin said about beauty ,
"Beauty and folly are old companions"
Aristotle said about beauty,
"Beauty is the gift of god"
Von Goethe said about beauty,
"Beauty may sometimes walk alone"
Emily Dickinson said about beauty,
"I died for beauty but scare"
If they now alive now
They may be said abou beauty,
"beauty nowadays is very unfair"
#present beauty
A scholar asked me
What is tragedy?
Then I replied,
In a relationship
Break up is a tragedy.
In a marriage
Divorce is a tragedy.
The scholar didn't agree.
Then I asked him
What is real tragedy?
The scholar replied,
Misconception in relationship
Is known as tragedy.
Proceeding fake courtship
Is also called tragedy.
Tolerating wrong for long
Is an everlasting tragedy.
In a marriage
Surviving life unhappily
Is a real tragedy.
Enduring ill-treatment
Is a true tragedy.
Teaching children circumvent
Is the most tragic tragedy.
# fake relationship #mismarriage
Forgive me
For what I am writing,
That makes you feel hurting
It is so memorial.
Forgive me
Now I hate convincing,
I wake up to something.
That is so unreal.
Forgive me
Once I had a feeling,
My heart could Adoring,
And it was so real.
#love #memory #betrayal
I always write to thou,
thou hardly reply.
When I speak to thou,
Thou become shy.
Evermore I move to thou
Thou want to fly.
Thou talk about everyone
Never talk about mine
Thou go every door,
Never come to my floor.
When I confess my feeling
Thou I find just smiling.
These above wandering,
Thou fling me confusing.
#love #Confusion
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