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  Apr 2020 RSB
आप हमसे  कितना  प्यार  जताते  हैं
कभी  कुछ  शिखायत   भी  कर  लीजिए

यह  जुदाई  हमे  मालूम  हैं
यह  इश्क  निष्पक्ष  नही­ं  हैं  भी  लिखिए

हम  आपकी  बेचैनी  ज़रूर  समज  जाएंगे
शायद  कुछ  न  कहेंगे
मगर  आप  से  और  बेपनाह  प्यार  करेंगे

क्योंकि  हमे  यकीन  हैं
आप  हमसे भी  बेपनाह  प्यार   करते  हैं

English Translation

You express how much you love me
Do complain some times too
I know this separation
This love is not fair do write too
I will understand your discomfort
I may not say anything
But I will love you so much more
Because I believe
You love me too
RSB Mar 2020
I face the challenge of not being able to see you
Due to the COVID 19 and restrictions to travel
With the latest technology of video chat and email
I can still feel close even we are not there in actual

Distance will not be interruption in loving you
Please know that you are always on my mind
You will always be close to my heart and yet
Missing you has increased our love of divine

It hasn't been easy, not holding your hands
Fell in love with you before this events of insane
Keeping us apart by causing shut down and
Playing evil actions of hurtles virus villain!!
RSB Feb 2020
Life is a journey and its events are divine will
We met, fell in love, now walking the path with you!
I too wish, God please keep us together and forever
Until the life ends holding the hands with you!!

I will love you, cherish you, and hold you my love
I will then give myself as a whole to you!
This may include my bliss and sorrows and
Even will be walking thorny jungle with you!!

Far from the earth out there where we are from
We will then meet again actually where we belong!
We are here to serve purpose in our mortal lives
Our souls be together forever as foregone!!

Our love is unconditional of course we both agree
Makes sense when two people love each other truly!
Let’s promise today under this open blue sky
Stars are the witnesses, we will live our lives fully!!
  Feb 2020 RSB
Ever since we met
Dawn till sunset
You on my mind

Ever since our kiss
All the time I miss
Love feelings remind

Ever since our embrace
Closeness I reminisce
To see you bis
Counting days to bliss
Feb 5 2020
To see you bis (again)
RSB Feb 2020
You are always roaming on my mind,
Like a cloud swarms down from heaven!
You are always rambling in my routine,
Like an addicting drug that has been given!!
RSB Jan 2020
I wish there was such a place where
Every sundown we both could meet
Let our love expand as the deep blue sea
Under open blue sky we could breathe free
We could then sit under the shed of green tree
Far from all where nothing could come between you and me!!
  Jan 2020 RSB
Melancholy of Innocence

We all are LOVERz in the being of BELOVEDz

I keep your LOVE secrets
Hidden in the depth of my eyes
You place your ears on my heaving *******
Listening to your melodious heart-beats

I can't even share with anyone
The intimacy YOU share with me
NO one ever has dared, except YOU
To be brave to enter my skin pores
YOU courageous! - Even to my surprised
I surrendered to your LOVE

YOU LOVE me so much that
I want to end my life in your warm hug
The way your eyes shower LOVE on me
No one has ever seen me like YOU do
I seriously can't stand so much of LOVE
Just swallow me inside YOUR being

Your presence makes my knees go weak
With goose-humps on my skin
With butterflies in my stomach
I run to the bedroom, waiting for YOU

With your breathe touching my skin
Every time, you try to breach
My personal space and private boundaries
You sown seeds and buds bloom
From every cell of my body
Scenting fragrance all over YOU
Every pore of my body craves for YOU
Your graft branches on my soul-***
Flowering colorful blossoms on me

YOU tease me much
Showing so much gentleness and respect
In the way you pluck each flower from my being
You turn me blood red with your foreplay
I bleed YOUR tears begging you to LOVE more

I want you to serve me
I want to tear your back with my nails
I want you to make it happen
Release me in a moment from living
From all the struggles life serves me

Where were YOU all these years?
Now you are here, never leave me!

When your breathe intertwines with mine
There is no gap in our sighs and murmurs
Till you are within me, you color me
Nature's creative palettes of LOVE
With joys, smiles and laughters of intimacy

But when you are not there
I become a whimper expressing
Dislike and unhappiness for every thing
When your roots of thoughts and being
Are not holding me firm, deeply
I die in your longing & crave for you helplessly

I want to run and come in your arms
And loose all my EGO, pride and status
I want to surrender my desired inert beauty
For you to worship me forever

Though I do not show my LOVE openly
I want to tell you this:

I will do everything during the day time
YOU ask me to do for YOU

I will do more for you during the night time
Those things we only fantasize about

I will be-witch you with my scent
I will cover you with my hair
I will embrace you like your skin
I will drench you under my showers
I will hide you under my bosoms
I will carry you within my womb
Where no one is / was / will be permitted ever
And I will release you only
When YOU grant me all my secret desires

This LOVE ballad is sung from centuries
By Zuliet, Layla, Heer, Radha, Meera, Rabia...
And more of us who AGAPE LOVE madly...
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