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Billie Jan 2
***** snow near the curb
Rubber crushes it
Once pure white
Now trod on. Dessicated. Filthy.
But still there.
Billie Oct 2019
We hunted for the perfect sticks.
And threw them in the water.
Mine was ****** into
The avalanche
Not to be seen
by us again.

You sit,
On a boulder looking over the falls
What a well of pain
And suffering.

In a parallel world
you jumped in.
Or maybe I pushed you.
Billie Oct 2019
Suave hair
Sharp suit
Glinting buttons
But your hands,
They're wrong
And not by you
Its a block of ice.
Where have you gone?
Billie Oct 2019
Awake, aging and alone.
Tortured by only two of these things
Billie Aug 2019
The moment right before.
That's THE moment.
What it's all about.
Will I? Won't I?
I know I will.
The breath in, deep
Before the leap!
Darkness. Falling, aaah; splash!
Pop. Glug glug, gulp; yumm!
Vasoconstriction and focus.
Followed immediately by
Vasodilation and calm.
Take the leap. Off the dock. Into love.
Billie Aug 2019
No, not you!
You are dark.
As pale as a ghost
But necrotic inside.
You are inconsequential.
Devastatingly so. The truth of
that is hard to handle, but
If you can it is power.
The lack of meaning
Can breed heros
Like you?
Or take the lazy way, and be a villian?
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