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889 · Apr 2019
ALIN NUR JR Apr 2019
Just know that:
I have done all aspects of investigations,
I don't just increase the world's populations,
But am always my mother's inspirations.

Little did you know that:
I know myself am out of laziness,
I know my nature even when in sickness,
My strength is more than my weaknesses,
Don't enter into my life with your own craziness.

Just remember that:
I dropped the formality,
Now came to the reality,
Treating life with sincerity,
Which wasn't my normality.

Always know that:
I know where am going,
Knowing well what am doing,
Feel free if you're joining,
Coz you can't be my Boeing.

I can take myself far without miracles,
Only that you have always been an obstacle,
I can be driving my visions,
At the same time standing on my missions.
Who are you to judge my ambitions?

©Alin Nur Jr
Am not perfect but trying my best
378 · Apr 2019
ALIN NUR JR Apr 2019
Don't love again coz it's full of tests and trials,
It gives you a full rapture without any factual denials,
Don't love again if you are not that strong,
For there are nothing of love you belong,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

Love is the deepest and strongest affection,
That none can bother with its complications,
Love is like a bridge held high,
You don't have the heart to look at the sky,
Especially when love is leaking blood from the sky to your eye,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

No sanity after madness of love,
It always gives you a different curve,
Don't bother with the mind you have,
Coz love is like a lawless landlord,
Your rental is only what he can afford,
None can judge him but only your Lord,
Don't love again
You will cry again

©Alin Nur Jr
129 · Apr 2019
ALIN NUR JR Apr 2019
The happiness after higher education is real,
It was a courage claimed true and you have to feel,
And honestly by practising we managed to ****.

After the academic giants have done,
What is remaining now is only to earn,
Now we are out there under a different sun,

Dedication and determination was once the target,
But very soon I shall be preparing the budget,
It was a history that no student can forget.

How cleverly I did my tuition,
It was the reality behind my mission,
Happy for coming to the conclusion.

And I eagerly awaited for this graduation,
Confidently to claim half of my success's portion.
Only to accomplish my missions

© Alin Nur Jr~~the poet
©Alin Nur Jr

— The End —