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Anonymous Oct 7
Take me to the side
Where I don’t have to fight
A place where I don’t have to be high
To fly like a kite
A place where I don’t have to wait till the night
Just to see your sight
and stay with you at all the right time
A place where I can call you mine and dine with some fine wine
cause on this side, you are not very kind
because over here all you care about is how to hide from your lies,
guess I have to take my goodbyes
because I'm tired of your denies
So goodbye my love, I'm sick of being just a shoulder to cry on
Anonymous Sep 24
I have fallen for you
and to tell you the truth
it is not the first time that love has charmed me
unlike before, I'll try my best work things out with you
just say "yes" once and I'll come running towards you and bring nothing but peace for you
even if you don't say 'yes' I'll keep on making you smile
because you are the reason that my face still has something to smile about,
unlike others, I'm not loud
but my poems tell my heart's tale, so don't have any doubt
and take a leap of faith and be together till the end.
Anonymous Aug 29
I have caught this feeling
and now I'm healing
but all these sorrows that I buried deep down
are now coming back up again
I'm too close to relapsing
I just can't seem to relax in
So, I drive to your house and you let me in
I started berating and creating a mess
but you didn't throw me away like the rest
So, I thank you for putting up with all the mayhem I made
And now that I'm fine, I'm glad that you are by my side
Anonymous Aug 29
I have accepted my fate
But why is the world sending me hate?
I know I am getting better
But the world is slowing me down and turning me bitter
that's why I became wittier so I can survive among these cheaters and be greater
But I'll know the emotions I slaughtered to be this big hitter
I know people don't care about the sacrifices I made to get hither
So **** every hater
and this is my letter to all the ******* who couldn't be greater
Anonymous Aug 25
In you I find peace
With you, I feel free
The anxiety that has been inside me
Has been finally set free
A different feeling has now occupied that empty space
And now my heart beats for no apparent reason
But I wonder do you feel the same?
Even if you do, it won’t make a difference
Because, Thanks to my sins, my luck has burned out
And karma is here to collect its debt
As a punishment, I will start to feel again and think about love and happiness
But will never have it for myself
I guess this as good as it gets
Anonymous Aug 22
Somewhere far away
there is a scared girl
standing on the rooftop
trying to escape from her troubles
she is holding back her tears
she is holding back everything
trying to look strong for the world
but inside she is fragile as a leaf in autumn
Oh I wish I could say to her everything will be all right
but the truth is life is unpredictable
with many twists and turns
I wish I could swap places and bear all her pain
and I wish I could put a real smile on her face
and I know that day is not far away
so don't you worry my dear
I will make everything clear.
Anonymous Aug 22
From the moment we met
You used me as bait
For all your needs and troubles,
you always needed me to be your solution
But slowly it turned into a commotion
Because I started to have emotions
But I was blinded by fear of abandonment and couldn't form any connections
So, Now that I'm in trouble
and you can't be the solution
cause you are the cause of all these delusions
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